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A Modern Lifestyle Retail E-commerce Reinvents its Online Operations by Embracing DevOps Practices with CloudThat

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Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon EKS, AWS DevOps, Amazon ECR, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, Argo CD, Bitbucket Cloud for Git-based CI/CD, Prometheus, Grafana


Seamless Migration with Achieving High Availability, Cost Efficiency, and DevOps Excellence with Zero-Downtime Deployments and Real-time Observability.

About the Client

Playo, a dynamic SportsTech startup based in Bangalore, is transforming the sports industry with its mobile app. It connects sports lovers, offers venue bookings, skill improvement, activity management, and sports gear sales. Playo operates in India, UAE, and Qatar, and is testing in the UK and Australia, serving over three million users and hosting 150,000 monthly sports activities. 



Increased Customer Traffic

15 releases per service

Streamlined Deployments

Saved 30 minutes

Reduces Manual effort per Deployment

The Challenge

Playo faced critical challenges migrating from GCP to AWS, transferring a containerized web app with 30+ microservices hosted on GKE. Scalability and monitoring issues led to migration objectives focused on enhancing availability, cost reduction, and faster development via AWS’s CI/CD, aiming to boost system performance, cut costs, and accelerate software development. 


  • Migration process involved minimal downtime during GCP to AWS resource transfer. 
  • AWS DevOps practices, including automated testing, deployment, and monitoring, improved stability and agility. 
  • VPC design with Bastion Host and NAT gateway ensured network security. 
  • MongoDB migration to multi-node failover MongoDB on Amazon EC2 from GCP VM. 
  • Amazon ECR served as a container registry for deploying images on Amazon EKS. 
  • Application performance is monitored with AWS X-Ray and Amazon CloudWatch. 
  • Amazon OpenSearch and Amazon CloudWatch log streams enabled centralized logging. 
  • Prometheus and Amazon CloudWatch monitored CPU, memory, Amazon EKS, and Amazon EC2 infra. 
  • AWS WAF monitored HTTP/HTTPS requests via the load balancer. 
  • Third-party tools used: Argo CD for Kubernetes, Bitbucket Cloud for Git-based CI/CD, Prometheus for system monitoring, and Grafana for visualization. 

The Results

Successfully migrated to AWS, optimized containerized workloads on Amazon EKS, achieved zero-downtime deployments, and improved overall system performance, resulting in increased scalability and efficiency. 

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