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Serverless Architecture Implementation Reduced Costs by 40% for a FinTech Company Using AWS Lambda

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About the Client

Founded in 2008, Reluminos Tech LLP transitioned to an LLP limited company in 2021, offering a user-friendly algorithmic trading platform for creating, testing and executing trading strategies.


5 Seconds

Improved Data Retrieval Speed

$1000 to $600

Significant Cost Reduction

NAT Gateway and API Calls

Enhanced Security and Accessibility

The Challenge

To address cost concerns, the client restructured their infrastructure in a new AWS account, integrating AWS Lambda for cost reduction, enhanced security, network optimization, and AWS best practices adherence. This created an efficient serverless application model via Amazon API Gateway and Amazon ECS.


  • An Amazon EC2 instance configured with Nginx directed requests to Amazon API Gateway, seamlessly routing them to the appropriate Lambda function.
  • The architecture allowed Amazon API Gateway to efficiently route incoming requests to the right Lambda function.
  • The Amazon HTTP API gateway was designed to handle up to 5,000 requests per second, dynamically throttling and scaling to 10,000 requests per second as needed.
  • 26 AWS Lambda functions were used for data processing.
  • AWS Lambda functions were positioned within a private subnet for secure internet access.
  • Different AWS Lambda functions with distinct processing logic sent their outputs to an API.
  • AWS Lambda functions could access Amazon RDS for data retrieval and storage.
  • AWS CloudFormation Template was provided for the production server, enabling flexible configuration of instance types, AMI, and more. Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda Functions, and Amazon ECS were created through this CloudFormation Stack.

The Results

Efficient data retrieval, reduced data transfer costs, and secure access enhancements were achieved through Custom VPC migration and AWS Lambda integration, leading to a 5-second speed improvement and a 40% cost reduction.

Download the Case Study

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