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Learning Solutions NPO Overcomes Cloud Infrastructure Challenges for better Performance and Scalability

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Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon VPC, Amazon RDS, Amazon ECR, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EKS


Migration of data and applications to the AWS environment, meeting all security and high availability requirements

About the Client

Rocket Learning, also called Ekho Foundation, is a learning solution NPO, boosting early education and community engagement through tech partnerships and provides education for underprivileged children, impacting almost a million kids.



Cost Reduction

Enhanced Application Performance and Availability

Containerized apps enhancing uptime and performance

Highly Secured

(Amazon Guard Duty and Amazon Inspector for rapid threat analysis and resolution)

The Challenge

Rocket Learning faced challenges in infrastructure, database replication, microservice scaling, resource provision, fault tolerance, deployment, release delays, security, and monitoring. This caused detection delays in their cloud operations.


  • AWS Control Tower for centralized management and security compliance.
  • Custom VPC with secure subnets for Web Tier, App Tier, and Database.
  • Applications deployed across two availability zones for high availability.
  • Amazon EC2 with graviton specification for the forge application.
  • Amazon RDS MySQL with multi-AZ and read replicas for durability and insights.
  • AWS Data Migration Service for migrating databases from Azure to AWS.
  • AWS EKS clusters with multi-AZ and worker nodes on Amazon EFS.
  • AWS Code Pipeline for feature release management and development.
  • Data encryption for at-rest and in-transit data.
  • Autoscaling enabled for worker nodes, using Amazon S3 for object storage.
  • Monitoring with AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch for capturing metrics.
  • AWS Well-Architected Framework Review covering key perspectives.
  • Load testing in collaboration with Rocket Learning Technical team.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities defined with a RACI matrix.

The Results

Cost-effective AWS setup with 27% savings, smooth migration, portable containers, advanced monitoring, improved security, and knowledge transfer for optimal management.

Download the Case Study

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