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An EdTech Firm Enhances Data Management and Analytics Through Improved Dashboards with CloudThat

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Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS Glue, AWS IAM, AWS Support, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon QuickSight, AWS CloudTrail


Optimized data management and analytics, automated data transfer, dashboards, and interactive visuals, facilitating enhanced insights and monitoring.

About the Client

The Asian Society has provided education in media and arts for the past 30 years. They offer 50+ professional courses in various fields, including Cinema, Journalism and Mass Communication, Performing Arts, Animation, Hospitality and Tourism, Still Photography, Advertising, PR and Events, and Fashion Design.


Centralized Data Source

Amazon RDS

Streamlined Dashboard Creation

Amazon QuickSight

Scheduled Cron jobs

AWS Glue

The Challenge

As the customer experiences rapid expansion, they wanted a centralized DataLake within MySQL RDS. This DataLake will be fed by increasing volumes of Excel and campaign data from Google and Facebook, LSQ data, and monthly targets. Following meticulous cleansing, the DataLake will be the cornerstone for dashboard creation, enabling Marketing and Sales teams to elevate campaign performance and increase course enrollments.


  • Set up Amazon S3 bucket as a Data Lake.
  • Collect LSQ, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Sales data from various sources.
  • Use AWS Glue for data transformation.
  • Execute ETL jobs to prepare data for dashboards.
  • Store processed data in Amazon S3.
  • Finalize data and schema for Amazon RDS.
  • Generate interactive dashboards in Amazon QuickSight.
  • Schedule hourly dashboard updates.
  • The two dashboards will feature 8 visuals each, including KPI cards and graphs/table visualizations: Sales and Revenue Analysis, Daily Sales, Actual Sales vs. Target Sales, Marketing Leads to Sales Conversion Rate, Payments Information
  • Marketing and Lead Analysis: Number of Leads by Marketing Medium, Daily Run Rate (DRR), Actual DRR vs. target DRR, Program-wise Lead Quality and Lead Stage Analysis, Marketing Spend

The Results

Centralized data with automated transfers from Amazon S3 via Cron jobs and AWS Glue. Amazon QuickSight dashboards provide insights on course offerings, campaign spending, sales figures, and lead enrollment with interactive visuals and filters.

Download the Case Study

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