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E-Commerce Fashion Platform Overcomes Deployment and Monitoring Challenges with Amazon ECS

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About the Client

TiLa is a modern lifestyle retail E-Commerce brand established and launched in Saudi Arabia in 2020. With an exciting range of products across its Fashion, Lifestyle, Electronics, and Groceries categories, TiLa leverages innovation while retaining Arabian traditions and culture.



(Cost-Efficient Amazon ECS Deployment)


(Significant Traffic Increase)

1000 requests per second

(High-Performance Scalability)

The Challenge

The client’s Java and NodeJS applications on Amazon ECS struggled with manual deployment, scaling issues, update failures, and logging gaps, hindering feature delivery and business continuity.


  • Applications deploy across environments (dev, staging, pre-prod, prod) via Amazon ECS, managed by AWS CloudFormation.
  • Bitbucket and Jenkins handle version control and CI, triggering Jenkins pipeline for build, Dockerization, and Amazon S3 storage.
  • Amazon CodePipeline oversees Amazon ECR changes, deploying Amazon ECS via CodeDeploy-managed tasks.
  • Amazon CloudWatch, Prometheus, Glowroot monitor Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2, tasks, alerting via email.
  • Amazon ECS Service Auto Scaling adjusts tasks dynamically; Auto Scaling Groups manage Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Load balancing via an internet-facing Application Load Balancer (ALB) for web exposure and internal ALBs for application servers.
  • Amazon RDS configured with Multi-AZ deployment for high availability, automated failover, and scheduled backups, utilizing replication and snapshots for data durability and recovery.
  • Build artifacts stored in Amazon S3 and Amazon ECR for Docker image registry.

The Results

Enhanced Amazon ECS deployment with spot instances, reducing costs by 25%, boosting traffic by 20% through failover, and enabling 15-minute, seamless releases for high-performance E-Commerce at 1000 req/sec with 0.1% downtime.

Download the Case Study

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