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A Software Company Overcomes Scaling Challenges and Performance Hurdles by Migrating to AWS

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Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon RDS, Amazon API Gateway, AWS WAF, AWS KMS, AWS Secrets Manager, Amazon ECR, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CLoudWatch


Microservices for flexible APIs, cost-effective AWS, boosted app performance and enhanced security drive business growth.

About the Client

Get1Page is a dynamic startup with its operations base in California, United States. The company specializes in providing Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solutions for businesses to manage meetings efficiently. Their flagship product is 1page, a cutting-edge SAAS platform fully compatible with multiple operating systems to maximize market reach and accommodate user preferences for seamless accessibility and user satisfaction. 



Reduced read-heavy app latency


Cost Reduction


Increased Throughput

The Challenge

Get1Page, an Azure cloud user, faced scalability, management, performance, and cost challenges. Their complex website, with 37 services and 2TB of storage, caused slow page loads during traffic spikes, revenue loss, latency issues, and a lack of monitoring, leading to operational inefficiencies and site outages.  


  • AWS IAM roles ensure secure access to AWS resources.  
  • Amazon VPC, subnets, NAT, and internet gateways are set up. Terraform automates resource provisioning.  
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and ALB Ingress Controller improve scalability. Bitbucket and Docker aid in building and tagging APIs.  
  • Security measures include runtime and API calls, AWS services for access management, encryption of Amazon EBS volumes, and security groups. 
  • Amazon RDS SQL instance deployed in private subnet with multi-AZ for high availability.  
  • Bastion host ensures secure Amazon RDS access. SQL dumper and Amazon S3 facilitate backup and restore.  
  • Amazon Elasticache for Redis reduces latency. Backup and restore policy configured. 
  • Amazon EC2 instance in private subnet with Bastion host for access. Application Load Balancer exposes the instance, and Amazon Route53 directs traffic. 
  • Amazon CloudWatch monitors AWS resources, while AWS CloudTrail tracks user and API activity for auditing and compliance. 

The Results

Microservices-based APIs, cost-effective AWS implementation, improved app performance, efficient CI/CD, observability-driven optimizations, enhanced flexibility, secure containerization, and enhanced performance drive business growth. 

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