February 18, 2024

How to use AI to make your e-learning easier and more personalized

As artificial intelligence (AI) permeates deeper into business operations, the necessity for individuals to become proficient in this technology becomes increasingly apparent. Consequently, the integration of AI into the learning process has become crucial. AI-powered upskilling is emerging as a significant area, offering many opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth.


One of the key advancements in e-learning facilitated by AI is adaptive learning, which analyzes individuals’ strengths and weaknesses to adapt learning styles, ensuring minimal frustration and heightened engagement. Moreover, microlearning, another AI-enabled mechanism, simplifies complex concepts by breaking them down into digestible modules for improved assimilation of information. Additionally, AI’s capacity to create personalized learning paths based on users’ goals further enhances the learning experience.  

Ethical considerations loom large in the realm of AI-led learning. Bhavesh Goswami, Founder and CEO of CloudThat, a training and consultancy organization, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing data privacy, addressing algorithmic biases, and establishing accountability to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment. Ethical training and advocacy for conscientious AI usage are essential to tackle these risks effectively. 

In terms of skill acquisition, prompt engineering emerges as a valuable skill set to add to one’s repertoire. Understanding the fundamentals of prompt engineering enables individuals to craft precise questions and elicit accurate responses from generative AI models, underscoring the practical applications of AI-powered learning in honing specialized skills for the future. 

AI-infused e-learning is modernizing skill acquisition by offering adaptive, personalized, and efficient learning experiences. However, ethical considerations must be prioritized to prevent the potential risks associated with AI-led learning effectively.  

Read the full article from The Economic Times by Bhavesh Goswami 

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