March 17, 2024

AI’s Energy Quagmire: Today’s Pressing Issues, Tomorrow’s Crisis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is popular, promising businesses efficiency and innovation. However, concerns are rising about its environmental impact. While AI is seen as a potential tool for sustainability, the massive energy demands of data centers needed for AI development could worsen climate change. Environmental groups warn that AI’s energy needs could increase global warming by 80%, outweighing any sustainability benefits. A recent report highlights the dramatic rise in data center electricity consumption, which is projected to double by 2026. This raises a critical debate: can AI advancements be achieved without sacrificing the environment?

Bhavesh Goswami, founder and CEO of CloudThat, said that ChatGPT is causing a significant disruption in the industry and all organizations are striving to adopt it as quickly as possible, leading to intense AI competition. Like previous revolutions, this technological progress is negatively impacting the environment. Goswami added that Consumption of 500,000 kilowatt-hours is a significant figure. Therefore, OpenAI’s optimal approach should be to discover a method of safeguarding the environment while still progressing in technology. 

Adhering to growing regulatory standards is essential to prevent energy depletion caused by AI in the years to come. The fierce competition among technology giants to construct data centres, which has both positive and negative impacts. On one hand, it can ring innovation in efficiency and renewable energy. On the other hand, an exclusive focus on expanding data centres may worsen environmental problems. It is essential to prioritize sustainable design, enhance current facilities, and consider different approaches. For instance, utilising renewable energy sources and exploring innovative cooling methods like underwater data centres are promising alternatives. 


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