November 22, 2023

Engineering Colleges Adapt to IT Industry Shifts, Prioritize Emerging Technologies in Curriculum

In response to the challenges faced by IT companies in campus hiring, engineering colleges across India are extending their course structures to focus on high-demand areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductor designing, and cloud technology. The goal is to equip students with skill sets that align with market demands, enhancing their employability. 

Engineering Colleges Adapt to IT Industry

Recent collaborations between educational institutions and industry leaders underscore this trend. Punjab Engineering College and Cadence Design Systems signed an MoU to provide students with hands-on experience with Cadence’s computational software technology. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between academia and the semiconductor industry. 

Acknowledging the need for talent, companies are seeking graduates with relevant skills.  Bhavesh Goswami, founder and CEO of CloudThat, a global cloud training and cloud consulting services firm set-up a new B2I (Business to Institute) vertical to collaborate with colleges identifying the need to bridge the gap in the market for complementing academia with in-demand industry skills training. Goswami emphasizes the shift in companies’ preferences, stating that they now seek trained hands from colleges rather than investing time and resources in training new hires. 

To address this demand, educational institutions are incorporating industry-specific training programs. GD Goenka University in Noida has collaborated with CloudThat to equip faculty with essential knowledge in Microsoft technologies. Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology in Rajasthan has also partnered with CloudThat to make students not only employable but also highly competitive. 

Cloud technology training is not limited to technical disciplines, as colleges are now extending these skills to non-tech programs such as business administration and humanities. For example, BBA students are enhancing their skills in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Microsoft Dynamics. 

Recognizing the changing landscape, colleges are mandating pre-placement training for students, covering a blend of offline and online courses on professional skills and emerging technologies. AWS certification courses are becoming integrated into the curricula and internship modules of various colleges, reflecting the industry’s emphasis on staying ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 


You can read more on this from the Financial Express article by Bhavesh Goswami

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