January 14, 2024

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In 2012, Bhavesh Goswami founded CloudThat, not just as a response to the existing challenges but as a proactive force pushing India’s cloud ecosystem to new heights. Founding CloudThat was not merely a reaction to the existing challenges, it was a strategic move, a proactive force aimed at charting a course toward new horizons.

Recognizing the potential within the cloud ecosystem, Bhavesh Goswami set out to architect a future where India not only kept pace with global advancements but stood as a leader in the realm of cloud technology. As the founder himself puts it, “We haven’t just followed technological shifts; we’ve led them.” The year 2012 marked the beginning of a journey that would see CloudThat not only adapt to change but actively shape the trajectory of cloud computing in India.  

Fast forward to today, and CloudThat stands as a testament to its commitment. The startup has flourished with awards from industry giants like Microsoft and Amazon, a recognition of the company’s prowess in not just embracing but steering the cloud landscape, bear testimony to CloudThat’s  dedication to excellence.  

CloudThat’s journey from its inception in 2012 is a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the potential within India’s tech landscape. It is not just adapting to change but building tomorrow’s cloud landscape from today.  


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About CloudThat

Established in 2012, CloudThat is a leading Cloud Training and Consulting services provider across India, the USA, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Specializing in mid-market and enterprise clients, it excels in major Cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft, GCP, VMware, and more. Recognized as a top-tier partner with AWS and Microsoft, CloudThat has won over eight awards in 11 years, including 'Think Big' from AWS and the Microsoft Superstars FY 2023 award in Asia & and India. With expertise in Cloud Migration, Data Platforms, DevOps, IoT, AI/ML, CloudThat in 28+ countries.

For more information, contact: sales@cloudthat.com

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