June 4, 2023

CloudThat’s Futuristic Plans to face the challenges of the Generative AI Era

CloudThat, founded in 2012 as India’s first cloud training and consulting services provider, has been a trailblazer in the country’s cloud computing landscape. Over the years, we have trained over 6.5 lakh professionals, empowering them with cloud technology expertise. Our strength lies in the multi-cloud specialization, offering comprehensive training and consulting services on major public clouds like Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, and VMware. 

By tapping the power of AI, we have envisioned the need for Generative AI training across industries. Using platforms like Open AI ChatGPT and Google Bard, we tailor custom curricula to meet customer requirements. Additionally, We at CloudThat employ AI to deliver personalized learning experiences, enhancing the effectiveness of our training programs. 


Upskilling has become indispensable for bridging skill gaps in workplaces. Our relentless focus on continuous learning ensures that employees are equipped with the latest skills, enhancing productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction. We help corporates with our unique Capability Development Framework (CDF) to help assess cloud skill gaps in corporate workforces, allowing tailored upskilling programs. 


As cloud computing becomes integral to businesses of all sizes, CloudThat supports companies in navigating the multi-cloud landscape, maximizing cloud investments, and adapting to virtualization technologies. Our cloud consulting services range from migration and media to DevOps, data platforms, and managed services. With training and skill development, we assist companies in building resilient workforces that can adapt to changes and avoid mass layoffs. They advocate for startups to prioritize adaptability and quick learning abilities in their employees, aligning with the dynamic nature of startup work cultures. 


Regarding the future workforce landscape with AI’s widespread adoption, CloudThat believes AI will augment human capabilities rather than fully replace them. While AI may replace specific jobs, it is also expected to create new roles that require a blend of technical and soft skills. Such positions include AI trainers, AI ethicists, and AI-assisted healthcare professionals. CloudThat emphasizes the need for a symbiotic relationship between humans and AI to achieve better outcomes in the future workplace. 


You can learn more about CloudThat’s road map to face the challenges of the Generative AI era in the views shared by Bhavesh Goswami, Founder & CEO of CloudThat, in an exclusive interview with CXOToday. 


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