December 8, 2023

CloudThat’s Inspiring Years of Excellence in Cloud Technology

The story of growth should not be gate kept. Hence, when ELI reached out to our Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Goswami to learn about his and CloudThat’s story, he was candid. He talked about his experience moving from being an employee of Microsoft and AWS to founding CloudThat. He opened these ups and downs as well as the difficult pandemic moments when we decided to act and support businesses. 

An inspiring and innovative

When India was first realizing the potential of cloud computing, CloudThat made its mark in the pages of cloud history by being the sole provider of AWS and Microsoft Azure training. This early success laid the foundation for CloudThat to be recognized as the innovators in the cloud training domain, capitalizing on a market where large organizations sought their expertise.  

CloudThat rose to prominence as a sought-after partner for major financial, startups and businesses of all sizes. With 500+ professionals on staff, CloudThat has grown to play a major role in large organizations’ cloud strategy in addition to being a leader in offering excellent training and consulting. Collaborations with Tech Giants like AWS and Microsoft proved  CloudThat to be at the forefront of cloud consulting and training in the country. 

Over 11+ years, CloudThat has proved as a testament to its enduring impact on the Cloud industry. The organization has garnered notable recognitions, including Microsoft Asia Superstar, Microsoft Learning Partner, AWS Think Big Partner and AWS Training Partner for APJ 2023. 

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About CloudThat

CloudThat, since 2011, leads in Cloud Training and Consulting across continents, serving mid-market and enterprise clients in AWS, Microsoft, GCP, and more. Expertise spans Cloud Migration, Data Platforms, AI/ML, and IoT. Recognized by AWS and Microsoft, with 8+ awards in 11 years. Trained 650k+ professionals, 500+ certifications, and executed 300+ consulting projects for 100+ corporates in 28+ countries.

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