November 7, 2023

Tech I’d like to see underwater data centres

Cloud computing has become an integral part of our lives. From storing our precious photos to powering global enterprises, the cloud has impacted the way we work, communicate, and store information. However, this technological marvel comes at a price – carbon emissions. Recent research reveals that carbon emissions by cloud computing account for a significant 2.5% to 3.7% of all global carbon emissions, a figure comparable to the emissions of the aviation industry. 

Under water data cetner

But what if there were a way to revolutionize cloud computing while leaving a minimal carbon footprint? Enter the concept of underwater data centers, a game-changing approach to cloud computing that promises to not only reduce carbon emissions but also harmonize with marine ecosystems. 

This innovative technology, which is currently being used for submarine fiber optic cables laid out on the seafloor, harnesses the natural cooling and energy potential of the ocean. Underwater data centers operate efficiently by utilizing the cooling properties of the ocean, while also being energized by tidal and solar sources. This approach not only ensures a more sustainable and eco-friendly cloud computing infrastructure but also drastically cuts down on energy consumption. 

Imagine a future where cloud providers harness renewable energy from tides and the sun, resulting in a carbon-neutral cloud solution that is not only environmentally responsible but also cost-effective. The potential of this innovation is immense, and it has the power to accelerate cloud adoption worldwide. The carbon-neutral cloud is a visionary concept that combines these ideals into a single, game-changing solution. It’s a revolution in cloud computing that transcends boundaries, leaving a minimal carbon footprint while taking us one step closer to a more sustainable and interconnected world. 

The advantages of submerged data centers go beyond environmental sustainability. By operating underwater, these data centers avoid competing for land resources, reduce the need for artificial cooling systems, and enable a seamless coexistence with marine life. In essence, the underwater data center model offers a win-win solution for technology companies and the environment 

The integration of underwater data centers into the cloud computing industry offers a promising path toward a more eco-conscious and efficient future. 

You can read the full article from The Times Of India penned by Bhavesh Goswami 

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