August 28, 2023

Non-tech roles where collaboration with AI is more evident than competing with AI

In the ever-evolving job market, the influence of AI, particularly generative AI, has emerged as a powerful force. Companies from various sectors are adopting AI to enhance productivity and streamline operations. The impact of this AI revolution varies widely among individuals, with reactions ranging from uncertainty to excitement about its potential. One often overlooked aspect is the timeline of AI’s influence on our professional lives. Traditionally, automation was associated with manual tasks, leaving knowledge-based roles seemingly immune. However, generative AI is challenging this notion, affecting fields like coding, content creation, and design. 

AI as a Collaborative Tool 

Bhavesh Goswami, CEO and Founder of CloudThat Technologies, encourages professionals in evolving roles to view AI as a collaborative tool rather than a threat. Embracing AI can enhance productivity, with a focus on tasks requiring human judgment and creativity. AI’s potential in data analysis, automation, and decision support can boost overall effectiveness. Additionally, a new category of jobs is expected to emerge at the intersection of AI and human skills.  

The impact of generative AI on the job market is multifaceted, bringing both concerns and opportunities. Understanding AI’s influence on different professions is essential for navigating this evolving landscape effectively. Collaboration with AI, adaptation to changing roles, and the development of new skill sets will be key to thriving in the era of AI-powered transformation. 

You can read more on this article from the TECHGIG and The Economic Times penned by Bhavesh Goswami 


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