February 1, 2024

Post-Budget Perspectives: Voices That Define the Financial Landscape

The Interim Budget 2024, presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, marks a crucial step for India’s economy, focusing on smart spending, building infrastructure, and supporting important sectors. With a pronounced increase in capital expenditure and a constant commitment to addressing the needs of diverse segments including the poor, women, youth, and farmers, the budget charts a balanced course for sustained economic development. Notably, the focus on bolstering infrastructure, exemplified by initiatives like the PM Awas Yojana-Grameen for constructing two crore additional homes and investments in EV infrastructure, signifies a significant stride towards sustainable progress. 

Moreover, the budget’s emphasis on research, innovation, and skill development, highlighted by initiatives such as the Skill India Mission and incentives for higher education enrollment, underscores a dedicated effort towards nurturing a skilled workforce and driving innovation-led growth. Additionally, measures to bolster support for MSMEs, women entrepreneurs, and agricultural tech initiatives resonate with the broader objective of empowering key economic stakeholders and fostering inclusive growth. 

While initiatives like the Skill India Mission have undoubtedly enhanced youth training and employability, the Interim Budget 2024 aims to provide equitable opportunities for all. Bhavesh Goswami, Founder & CEO of CloudThat, emphasized the budget’s global vision, positioning India as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, shaping the future not only nationally but on the global stage. Goswami underscored the significance of the trinity of demography, democracy, and diversity, bolstered by ‘Sabka Prayas,’ bringing India to the forefront of global progress. He expressed optimism for the next five years, foreseeing development and golden moments to realize the dream of a developed India by 2047. Goswami highlighted the commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship as not just a national agenda but also a global calling card, signaling India’s intent to contribute to the future. 


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