August 29, 2022

Employee Upskilling: Panacea to Successful Cloud Adoption

Every organization is on a spree of cloud adoption. A recent Gartner study reveals that the public cloud sector is expected to propel $331 billion in 2022 – an impressive growth of 21% in comparison to the previous year. Over 3.6 billion people in the world use cloud services. That means 47% of the global population or nearly half of the world population uses the cloud! Interestingly, as of 2022, 60% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. 
Cloud Adoption
The transition to the cloud is solving many industry problems, from minimizing capital expenditure to saving time. So, organizations are on a spree to adopt cloud technologies. In this rapid race to be a cloud-first organization, many organizations have failed to plan the transitions to the cloud. Also, they have failed to understand the need to upskill their workforce in the cloud computing domain. Consequently, the cloud adoption process is not smooth for many players, and are facing huge roadblocks in accomplishing the same. 

Organizations must strike a balance between no overprovisioning and underutilization of resources. A poorly executed cloud strategy will result in an uncontrolled shoot-up in costs of cloud adoption. Most importantly implementing a fool-proof cloud strategy is not only the responsibility of cloud providers, but also the responsibility of your organization’s decision makers.  

Common Challenges for Cloud Adoption are: Great employee retention, Heightened employee abilities, Cost-saving, Future-ready workforce, All-encompassing work experience and Enhanced cloud skill sets. 

Organizations must precisely identify their actual responsibilities in cloud adoption which encompasses software development, network support, infrastructure demands, operations etc.  

Each company must first determine which aspects of the cloud they are responsible for, such as operations, software development, network support, infrastructure demands, and so on, and then collaborate with training partners. 

How to effectively strategize your organization’s Employee Upskilling programme for seamless cloud adoption is elucidated by our CEO, Bhavesh Goswami in his article for the Times of India. You can get a glimpse of his insights on how Employee Upskilling can work as the panacea for a seamless transition in his TOI article     



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