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CloudThat Technologies has partnered with Databricks where we offer combined solutions on advanced cloud infrastructure and helping organizations solve complex data problems. Our Collaboration focuses on pioneering Fully Managed Cloud services by providing enhanced data security and software reliability.

Why Businesses use Databricks

Databricks provides the ideal solution to all data challenges by providing a platform that unifies data engineering, data science, and business. Powered by Apache Spark, the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform empowers teams to be truly data-driven to accelerate innovation and deliver transformative business outcomes.


Revenue impact

  • Deliver ML innovations to market faster
  • Provide data insights for better business decision


Bottom Line Savings

  • Unlock infrastructure savings through automation
  • Increase data team productivity through one unified platform


Insulation and reduction

  • Threat and fraud detection, and response at scale
  • Comprehensive cloud based data security, governance and certifications

Databricks Advantages

Apache Spark

Unify Analytics with Apache spark


Faster Performance — Databricks Runtime Built on Apache Spark


Alleviate Infrastructure Complexity Headaches


Work Better Together — Become a Heroic Team

Work Flows

Streamline end-to-end work flows


Keep Data safe and secure


Lowering the total cost of ownership

About CloudThat

The team of certified cloud experts at CloudThat has helped companies build and run some of the most complex cloud deployments in the world. With experience in all major cloud technologies, we help in defining your cloud strategy, build the solution, and successfully deliver it to your end user via the Cloud

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