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Cloud Consultancy and Migration

Experience rapid transformation with our expert Cloud Consulting and Migration Services, which deliver automation, enhanced security, and scalability. Our solutions ensure robust disaster recovery and cost-effective multi-cloud strategies that drive optimal performance.

Accelerate your growth and enhance productivity with our expert cloud consultancy services. We guide you through seamless cloud implementation, driving collaboration and innovation. Our consultants empower you to optimize operations, scale with ease, and reduce costs. With our expertise, you'll stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud DevOps and DevSecOps

Experience the full potential of Cloud DevOps Services with our expertise in top Hyper scalers. Embrace DevOps & DevSecOps best practices, combining security expertise with automated continuous integration and deployment for optimized operations and enhanced performance.

Cloud Data Platform

Our Cloud data platform services supported by Hyperscalers helps organisations to store, manage, process, and analyze data in the cloud. We have expertise to leverage advanced analytics and AI technologies for various data-intensive applications, including business intelligence, data warehousing, IoT analytics, real-time data processing, and predictive analytics.

Cloud Media Services

Our Cloud media Services offers businesses comprehensive media content management, encoding, streaming, protection, analytics, and indexing solutions. Ideal for broadcasting, entertainment, e-learning, and sports industries, it ensures seamless delivery and enhanced media experiences.

Cloud Managed Services

Our Experience improved and easy workload management with our expert Cloud Managed Services. Our seasoned Cloud Engineers ensure high availability, low latency, and cost-effective solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business. Embrace our cloud-first business continuity plan for optimal results.

Cloud Contract Engineering

Scale your business capabilities and accomplish your project goals without the hassle of hiring and training new employees with our Staff Augmentation Services. At CloudThat, we provide highly skilled cloud consultants & other professionals who seamlessly integrate into your existing team. With expertise in various industries and technologies, our talented resources are ready to support your unique business needs.

Our Cloud Consulting Value Proposition


Pay as per usage models

Optimize costs and scalability with CloudThat's Cloud Consulting pay-as-you-go model. Tailor services to your needs, gain transparency in spending, and mitigate risks. Access targeted expertise for efficient and cost-effective cloud solutions.


Faster development & deployment of applications

Enable rapid development and deployment of applications across multiple geolocations with our cloud consultency service. Cut down on time for experimentation, development, and deployment, achieving agility in the cloud.


One-stop cloud Consulting services & solutions

Empower organizations with a diverse range of services, including web hosting, microservices, AI/ML, Big Data, and more. Fulfill all your business needs with our comprehensive cloud service offerings.


Fool-proof security features

Strengthen application security and compliance with comprehensive Cloud Consulting Services and Solutions. Implement a unified defense strategy that safeguards every aspect of your infrastructure.


On-demand solutions tailor-made to your needs

Enable seamless scalability of IT resources for organizations on real-time demands. Scale up or scale down as per dynamic demands to optimize resource allocation with our flexible Cloud Consulting services..


Pay as per usage models

Deliver uninterrupted service to our clients with our Zero-Downtime guarantee. Experience our best-in-industry quality of Cloud Computing service, ensuring organizations never face awkward situations in front of their valued clients.

Why CloudThat for Cloud Consulting?

CloudThat is the trailblazer in the cloud consulting space. We are the Rocket Scientists for cloud consulting. We have been the Preferred partners of AWS as an AWS consulting services, Microsoft as a Gold Partner, Google as a Cloud Partner & Databricks Consulting Partner since our inception


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Recent Case Studies

Line Clear

Accelerating Transport and Logistics Efficiency

Built a robust Real-Time Analytics platform underpinned by a secure Data Lake that provides insights into the business model utilizing...


Achieving High Availability and Automation on AWS Cloud

CloudThat offered the client a solution in which implementing Microservices architecture on AWS allows rapid and reliable deployment, reduced resource...


AWS Cloud Migration and Modernization for Fintech LLP Startup

CloudThat's infrastructure and migration team leveraged AWS tools and services to migrate client’s infrastructure to AWS cloud. This migration resulted...


Build a cloud storage solution to store IoT sensor data

ICCW strives to use innovation and technology to elucidate and investigate all water-related issues. They are working towards ensuring clean...

Amtex Systems

Empowering Social Media Platform with Advanced Data Analytics

The data-driven solution successfully implemented new features like trending hashtags, and subtitles for audio data, resulting in increased user engagement,...


Enhance Business Growth with Containerized Modernization and DevOps Best Practices

CloudThat assisted the client by migrating microservices to Amazon EKS for cost optimization, ensuring high availability, auto-scaling, and rapid business...


Enhancing the Inadequate Infrastructure Visibility for Optimal User Experience

CloudThat helped the client achieve improved scalability, flexibility, and efficiency by migrating to a new Amazon EKS cluster, adopting a...


Simplifying ASP .NET Web App Migration for Improved Efficiency and...

CloudThat's solution improved the client’s application performance and startup time, implementing CI/CD and DevOps best practices for feature releases and...

Insight Brandcomm

Streamlining Media Planning and Data Management for Marketing and Advertising...

Utilizing AWS Lambda and AI services, CloudThat conducted an analysis of client data to enhance media services planning, delivering valuable...

Beyond Square

Transforming Infrastructure: Deployment and Automation on AWS with DevOps Best...

CloudThat's proposed solutions implement best DevOps practices and assist customer challenges by setting up a scalable microservices infrastructure with network-level...


Zoomcar Adapts Best Practices with CloudThat's DevOps Solutions

CloudThat helped Zoomcar overcome challenges and achieve project excellence by refining the AWS infrastructure to a highly secure, cost-effective, and...

Transform your business with our Cloud Consultancy Expertise

CloudThat is the One-Stop Shop for Cloud Consulting Services & Solutions with industry acclaimed cloud-agnostic traits, for improved accessibility, better scalability and reduced costs.

Well-Architected Infrastructure

Build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for optimized performance. Experience the benefits of a robust & Well – Architected framework guidelines by the Hyperscalers for your business with our Cloud Consulting services.

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AI/ML and IoT

Make your devices talk to cloud using our advanced Cloud solutions while gathering knowledge from the communication using AI/ML.

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Focus on your business case with inner peace and let our cloud services be Master Shifu for your DevOps Panda.

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Modernize your applications and make the most of microservices with CloudThat's containerization skills

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Security/Well Architected Review (WAR)

Let us remediate your high-risk indicators (HRIs) with the help of our Cloud security & solutions experts.

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Cloud Native Development

Make the most of Hyperscaler’s managed services to develop Cloud-Native applications with the help of our Cloud consulting developers.

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What clients say about CloudThat

I would highly recommend CloudThat. I have witnessed the leadership first-hand and I am confident that CloudThat will always deliver the highest QoS, often delivering more than asked and always ready to help. One incident that he was immensely helpful, was one moment when our Solr Collection index in our production got corrupted and this we got to know at about 8:45 PM on a Friday. So I called the team and they were ready to help instantly. We then worked until ~4:30 AM the next morning, to get this resolved.


Timely response, expertise in providing right solutions as per our business requirement. CloudThat team helped us during their holiday also. I thank specially for the dedication of the team.

Vanguard Business School

John Bairapaga

CloudThat Provided training to the NSG’s IT team on advanced AWS networking options and setup. Also, implemented AWS networking setup for NSG and handover the same to internal IT. This was done in a highly professional manner, thus I will recommend CloudThat.

Next Story Group

CloudThat consistently provides expert guidance when it comes to leveraging AWS technologies to provide novel solutions to challenging problems. Our solution architecture is much more robust and secures given their input and creative utilization of AWS technologies. Highly recommended.

Cortevo Technologies


Organizations Trust us on our Cloud Consulting Services

CloudThat is the winner of the Microsoft Asia Superstar campaign for India 2021 as a global leader in offering cloud consultancy and training. We partner with the world's leading companies including Microsoft, Google, AWS and many more. With a wealth of knowledge, we help make strategic decisions towards improving the performance and operations.

FAQ's About Cloud Consulting Services

Backup and disaster recovery are important aspects of any cloud business. The following are some strategies that can reduce downtime.

  • Recognizing the difference between disaster recovery and backup.
  • identifying the best deployment strategy for the organization by comparing on-premises and multiple cloud options.
  • Identifying the appropriate technologies that help to achieve the backup and disaster recovery goals.
  • Restoring the backup data to avoid accidental deletion, software up-gradation problems, or database corruption.
Apart from that, the company will identify the critical data that needs backup. Then, it will choose a backup solution that aligns with its features and organizational requirements. Besides, the company should be able to verify both the restored data and the backup only to realize that they are running smoothly and offer continuous and regular coverage.

We've established four straightforward guidelines to find the best cloud strategy.

  • Determine how the cloud will benefit your business. Understand the benefits you will get from cloud solutions before you choose the right cloud deployment.
  • Next you find the most suitable cloud deployment. Choose from the four solutions they include private, public, hybrid, and multi cloud. Each has its merits and features. So you need to decide what will be a better fit for your business. Or you can consult us to help you choose the right cloud solution.
  • The final step is to find the correct cloud service provider. Selecting the right cloud partner requires careful consideration of multiple factors. Check company's official website to learn about their services, benefits, and client testimonials - essential steps in making an informed decision.
We at CloudThat offer smart cloud solutions for every business organization. Do give us a call to discuss.

Backup and disaster recovery are important aspects of any cloud business. Here are some of the strategies that can help to minimize downtime.

  • Recognizing the difference between disaster recovery and backup.
  • Understanding the key concepts that help critically develop effective strategies.
  • Evaluating on-premises deployment and multiple cloud options only to sort out the right fit for the organization.
  • Identifying the appropriate technologies that help to achieve the backup and disaster recovery goals.
  • Restoring the backup data to avoid accidental deletion, software up-gradation problems, or database corruption.
Apart from that, the company must determine the type of data that requires backup. Also, the company must select a suitable backup solution based on the features and organizational needs of the company. Besides, the company should be able to verify both the restored data and the backup only to realize that they are running smoothly and offer continuous and regular coverage.

Cloud solution is a smart transformation. In order to understand if it is the right choice for your business, let us guide you.

  • When you think your on-premises server is not updated. It can't provide the support your business needs. So, you can migrate to the clouds.
  • When you do not want to invest in new hardware and want to save money, cloud is the best choice.
  • IT staff shortages necessitate outsourcing to a cloud partner, which is where cloud solutions come in. By switching to the cloud, you'll cut time and effort.
  • When your IT staff is not sufficient and you feel the need to outsource the services to a cloud partner, you can switch to cloud solution. It will save you time and effort.

The security measures provided with cloud services are powerful and robust. It helps to protect the data and files in the best way possible.
The entire process involves:

  • Processing: Controls all the data that is being processed correctly and completely in an application.
  • File: It manages and controls the data.
  • Output reconciliation: It controls the data which has to be reconciled from input to output.
  • Input Validation: Controls the input data of a given system.
  • Backup and Recovery: Controls security breaches and handles issues when creating backups.
Issues start to arise while storing data and that is why people now rely mostly on cloud storage. Be it a small enterprise or a big one, cloud storage facility saves a lot of hassles and simplifies migration. To know how to secure data storage contact us.

Cloud storage has a lot of benefits over on-premise servers.

  • Cloud eliminates the need for hardware and capital investment, unlike traditional on-site premise servers which demand significant upfront costs.
  • There is more user experience than the limited user experience of on-site premise servers.
  • Cloud is absolutely scalable and you pay for what you use unlike the on-site premise server.
  • Members can connect from anywhere at any time using any device.
  • Data backup is done regularly to ensure there is no data loss during disaster situations.
  • System automatically updates and syncs whenever you upload a new file or make changes .The changes are made available to all your devices with cloud service.
  • Cloud storage offers ultimate security with additional layers of protection to keep your crucial data safe.
If you need to collaborate with cloud computing and migrate your devices now, talk to us.

Cloud consulting services are a range of services that help organizations design, implement, manage, and optimize their cloud computing environments. Cloud consultants can provide expertise on a variety of cloud computing topics, including Cloud strategy and architecture, Cloud migration, Cloud management, and Cloud optimization

Cloud consulting services benefits organizations new to cloud computing or looking to improve their cloud infrastructure. Cloud consultants can help organizations avoid common pitfalls and ensure that they are getting the most out of their cloud investments

The four core cloud services are: 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): IaaS provides access to computing resources, such as servers, storage, and networking, on demand.  

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provides a platform. This platform is for developing, deploying, and managing applications.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS provides access to software over the internet.

  • Functions as a Service (FaaS): FaaS provides a platform for running short-running functions without having to worry about provisioning or managing servers

Cloud Consulting Services help optimize your organization's cloud infrastructure, streamline operations, reduce costs, improve security, ensure compliance, and leverage the latest advancements in cloud technologies to stay competitive.

A typical Cloud Consulting engagement begins with understanding your business requirements, conducting a cloud readiness assessment, designing a tailored cloud architecture, implementing the migration or deployment plan, and providing ongoing support and optimization.

Yes, many Cloud Consulting Companies specialize in various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. They tailor their services to match the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

CloudThat has pioneered Cloud consulting and training in India since 2012. We have earned different cloud competencies. Important ones are AWS Partner Advance Tier Services, AWS Partner DevOps Services Competency, AWS Partner Migration Services Competency, AWS Partner Data & Analytics Services Competency, and Microsoft Solutions Partner.      

Our salient cloud consulting services include: 

  • Cloud Consulting & Migration Services 

  • Cloud Managed Services 

  • Contract Staffing 

  • DevOps & DevSecOps Services 

  • Cloud Media Services 

  • Data Platform Services 

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