Accelerate Delivery

CloudThat’s engineers and architects with the required skills & experience would deploy infrastructure on AWS, Azure, GCP. Use DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, containerise the architecture or even go serverless completely.

Amazon Web Services

Templatize infrastructure for multiple clients in a SAAS Healthcare Environment

Architecting Serverless Web Application on AWS

High Availability of Game Application

Setting up Multi Cloud DR on AWS and Azure

Highly scalable WordPress on AWS

DevOps Services for Healthcare Platform

FP Tech Science

Migration from Kubernetes to EKS

AWS IoT Core Set UP

Rearchitecting AWS Infrastructure and Cost Optimization for Fintech Company

Quikr migrates from Google Cloud to AWS Cloud Platform

Infrastructure Migration of Tercept from GCP to AWS Cloud Platform

Implantation of AWS IoT

Migration of MongoDB from On-premise to AWS

AWS Serverless Infrastructure Set Up

Microsoft Azure

Designing and Implement a Ticket Categorisation System for Automatic Classification of Logs using Azure Machine Learning

High Availability of Applications on Azure Cloud with Kubernetes

Establishing secure connectivity in-between Azure/AWS and point-to-site to AWS cloud


Dockerization of Multiple Applications in One Server

DevOps Optimizations using VSTS


OpenShift on Azure




MITCSY – Advanced Telepresence Robot