Implantation of AWS IoT

About the client

Sharp Software provides innovative market-oriented engineering solutions to various groups of Sharp Corporation to achieve its vision and road maps.

Scope of work

  • Sharp Software needed AWS experts to come and help them design the next generation IoT enabled Multi-Functional Printers(MFPs) placed at client location.
  • When these printers misfunction, it’s a great cost to client, so Sharp Software want to proactively learn about when these printers go bad and fix them.
  • There was some software on-premises to manage the printers, However, it was getting difficult to manage and maintain the software on-prem as the generated data volume was too large to be stored.

CloudThat Solution

  • We help develop an application using Java and deployed on AWS using AWS IoT to monitor and manage their Multi-Functional Printers(MFPs).
  • Using the application, we can monitor and manage the MFPs deployed at client location and predict when the MFPs are about to fail, and give preemptive maintenance.


  • CloudThat worked with the Sharp team to design the AWS environment required for this project
  • We were instrumental in the project successfully being deployed to AWS
  • As of today, Sharp Software has completely moved away from on-premises based solutions, and all their new MFPs have backed deployed on AWS.
  • This results in tremendous response time improvement, and also cost optimization for the team.