90% of companies are moving to cloud platforms for better productivity

Drive your business results 3X faster with CloudThat’s cloud data platform services. We help you decide the best strategy for a hassle-free transition to the cloud. This business-changing leap has helped cloud users achieve better outputs, operational efficiency, and time-saving features. Combined with the expertise and a differentiated approach, we help businesses improve the economy of scale and reduce downtime.

CloudThat Edge

Implement data marts

Businesses can optimize and load data to a centralized data warehouse to get actionable insights from timely insights.

Implement data warehouse

A data warehouse can integrate raw enterprise data, application data and event data into a single centralized structure.

Build business-critical applications

Your business can make actionable data-driven decisions that help them improve the quality of solutions.

Integrating data warehouse and data lake

Integration of data lake and data warehouse helps businesses handle their key data processes more efficiently.

Application of advanced analytics and data science

Using data science and advanced analytics, organizations can understand actionable strategies to improve the efficiency and productivity of essential business functions

Deliver a better customer experience

Your business can improve customer experience by identifying their preferences from the analytics and planning strategies that match those expectations.

Our Approach

Improving the value proposition for businesses is our key concern. In the competitive landscape, businesses struggle with data-driven strategies that, in turn, affect their customer experience and productivity. Our experts develop a custom-made migration strategy based on your organizational requirements for the cloud transition. Our recommendations are tailored to meet your expectations and help you stand differentiated in the market.


We offer a one-stop destination for different cloud services and solutions that meet industry benchmarks of quality and satisfaction.


With faster development and deployment, we facilitate the smooth transition to cloud services for better efficiency and productivity.


We help businesses mitigate the pitfalls of over and under-provisioning of resources with custom curated strategies that help save costs.

Zero Down-Time

With the industry’s best quality service at hand, we offer clients a zero-downtime guarantee to clients to manage their end-to-end processes.


Our experts curate the strategies that are custom made to suit the preferences and mission of your organization.


We offer fool-proof security features that are compatible with the multiple security measures of organizations.

Competency Badges

Client Testimonials

“Our experience with CloudThat was very delightful and I will surely recommend CloudThat to friends and colleagues. We did a WAR review and with CloudThat team and the recommendations were implemented successfully a few days ago. The team we interacted with was very friendly, highly professional and extremely helpful. We are impressed with the CloudThat team members. Aditya from Marketing does required follow-ups with us and their internal team promptly and effectively. The Tech Team led by Damodar Hulekal and supported ably by Nitin Taneja, Nishant Ranjan, Ullas and Sara is such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team that it was a pleasure interacting with them. All in all, it was a great experience. We will stick with CloudThat.” ”

- Hari Balasubramanian, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Complinity Technologies

“When we started analyzing the requirement, we were in a dilemma that the automation of the end-to-end process would really work or not. From the start of the project, till the end, the dev team was transparent and had delivered the solution beyond the expectation. For any future AWS-related requirements, I don't need to search for a vendor. Thanks, CloudThat technologies.”

- Karunakar Reddy R, Director, DataLyca

“We would like to thank every member of the team for your extended support in completing the project. We would like to thank especially Ms.Anjali Srivastava who has worked tirelessly even in odd hours to complete the project successfully.”

- Naveen S K, Naveenam Technologies

What Differentiates Our Solutions

Our organization abide by the philosophy of never-ending innovation and improvement to outcompete the industry peers.

An authorized partner for all major cloud providers:

We are the leading cloud-agnostic organization with the authorized partnership for AWS, Microsoft, Google

A house of a strong pool of certified consulting experts:

Our organisation has 150+ cloud certified experts in AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware. We have also delivered 200+ projects for the top 100 fortune 500 companies.

10 years of prowess in cloud data platforms

Since 2012, we have been the leaders in the Indian cloud space to help firms with cloud data processing and analysis.

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