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CloudThat empowers organizations by promoting their businesses in building and running scalable, effective and efficient applications with modern and dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. With shorter application life cycles, cloud native applications are highly resilient, manageable, and observable. The techniques used by these applications enable loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable. When combined with robust automation, they allow infrastructure cloud architects to make highly impactful changes frequently and predictably with minimal toil.

Use cases

Increase uptime on critical web applications

Utilizes multi-cloud strategy and the best technology from cloud providers to run critical applications without failures and almost zero downtime.

Improve resilience during an infrastructure outage

In case of an outage, these applications are designed to have minimal blast radius; impacting as few customers as possible.

Enable continuous delivery and deployment of software changes

With Agile DevOps and automation, a DevOps and cloud architect increases the number of deployments per day for faster releases.

Flexible deployment options across networks

These applications are easier to develop, deploy and iterate. This helps increase business agility for businesses associated with CloudThat.

Isolate application and its dependencies with zero downtime

With container orchestrators, cloud architecture and infrastructure consulting services can deploy a software update with almost no downtime.

Track changes with centralization

Cloud native applications use DevOps automation features thus enabling continuous delivery and deployment of software changes getting released regularly.

Services we provide / Core competences

Proactive team of experts

Our team of experts ensures the cloud architecture design according to client’s business requirements.

The holistic approach to address multi-cloud risk

CloudThat takes care of multi-cloud management tools which do not cover security holistically, avoiding security gaps that can lead to exploitation.

Strategic relationship and deep experience with a huge partner network

Microsoft, AWS, Google, RedHat, Pearson VUE, and MIT all have excellent relationships with CloudThat and thus with associated businesses also.

End-to-End solution implementation

Our team ensures effective solutions to fit the customer’s business need.

Monitoring, and tracking of logs

Advanced automation tools for monitoring and tracking logs with report generation for future use

Our Approach

While building a cloud native application, our expert team follows a systematic procedure. The cloud native application developer ensures the usage of cloud native development framework to its maximum potential. for cloud-native web development, information is gathered, assessed, resolved deployed and handed over to the customer

Requirement gathering

The data, needs, and customizations requirements of the client are taken into consideration.


The collected data is assessed by expert team before carrying out the planning and actual development of the code.

Solution Building

Each step of the code is scrutinized for building the cloud native application.

Solution Deployment

Testing and debugging is accomplished.


The finished product is handed over to the concerned business.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services

This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


CloudThat has a wonderful foundation consisting of an expert team of architects and designers alike.

Public sector

Cloud architecture design and development is in much demand in the public sector, which is gladly catered by CloudThat.

Why to partner with us

We use multiple tech stacks for expertise, including GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, JSON, and NoSQL.

The expert team takes care of all aspects of the code related to the application in terms of development, deployment, and testing.

By configuration and layering several technologies, the produced applications are usable over multiple platforms. This makes it easier for the business and the clients to follow.

We have trained specialists in AWS, Azure, DevOps, and more. DevOps expert consulting is one of our strengths. Consulting aids the development of the application overall as well.

Technology Stack

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

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What clients have to say

“I would highly recommend CloudThat to organizations setting up their own cloud infrastructure, especially the team headed by Lakhan Kriplani is awesome. I would like to quote one incident that shows the prowess of Team-CloudThat and Lakhan Kriplani. Our Solr Collection index in our production got corrupted and this we got to know at about 8:45 PM on a Friday. So, I called him, and he was ready to help instantly. We then worked until 4:30 AM the next morning, to get this resolved.”

- Amit Chandra


“CloudThat consistently provides expert guidance when it comes to leveraging AWS technologies to provide novel solutions to challenging problems. Our solution architecture is much more robust and secure given their input and creative utilization of AWS technologies. Highly recommended.”

- Casey Muse

CEO, Cortevo

“With a heavy heart, I have to say that the CloudThat and Rupeek engagement will be ending this September. But looking back at the journey, I would like to thank your team for being an integral part of the journey. Your team came in at a point when we had nothing literally, and it has been a great journey since then. During this journey, your team gained our confidence, and I could reach out to you for help and support anytime. Thank you so much for your trust and sincerity.”

- Manik Dham

Senior Director, Rupeek FinTech. Pvt. Ltd

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