AWS IoT Core Set Up

About the Company

VENLITE ENERGY LIMITED is an Energy and Asset Management company with a global audience footprint across all platforms. With Cutting Edge Technology, Venlite delivers Quality and Service that is highly engaged across a variety of devices and modules. Software from Customisable Energy Meters, to Asset Management and Cloud Monitoring System, the company offers next-generation Energy and Asset Management Systems that are simple, intuitive and user friendly.

What was the Client’s Concern?

The company has multiple IoT devices which are sending data continuously (2-3 times in a minute). That data is in hexadecimal format. So, the company wanted CloudThat to help decode the data and then store that into AWS Database (Document DB).

There are multiple tables through which the data is being decoded. For that CloudThat needed to create two panels, one is for admin so that admin can fill all those tables and other is for end users where they can visualize the decoded data in form of graph and pie charts.

What Solutions Client Wanted?

  • Highly scalable solution for company portal websites
  • IoT devices data visualisation
  • Highly available and scalable Database for storing huge amount of data

Services CloudThat Provided

  • AWS EC2 Instance
  • Route 53
  • Document DB
  • Application Load Balancer
  • AWS Auto Scaling Group

Design Factors

  • Highly available and scalable web application with secure database connectivity.
  • AWS Document DB cluster should scale up automatically based on the amount of data.
  • Proper DNS routing should be configured.
  • Traffic load should be balanced equally on all EC2 machine.


  • Highly available Web Application
  • Secure Database connectivity with the application
  • Dynamic data visualisation
  • Responsive web pages
  • Designing database clustering system that supports horizontal scaling of Document DB
  • Devices data should be stored in the database with proper date and time so that it would be easy to extract data between two time periods in the form of excel sheet.
  • Any programming language can be used for the web application.
  • Leverage DNS routing to resolve internet facing endpoints

What CloudThat Delivered?

Here is how the team of CloudThat helped the client in addressing their concerns with robust solutions:

  • Successfully implemented admin login page with necessary tables to filled by the admin.
  • Data is being decoded in a proper way.
  • DNS routing is configured.

Roadmap – What’s Next

After successfully delivering appropriate services and solutions as per client’s requirement, here is what our future association plan looks like:

  • We will be creating dashboard for end user where they can visualize data in the form of graph and pie charts.