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What’s New at AWS? Live From re:Invent 2022 – Day 1


AWS has been a leading cloud computing provider for about one and a half decades. In fact, AWS has been a pioneer with the 1st position on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last 12 consecutive years. Every year AWS does a yearly conclave – AWS re:Invent – to touch base with the Cloud Computing industry and, more importantly, to announce how AWS is keeping up to speed by launching path-breaking services.

We at CloudThat, have been at par with the same with our path-breaking learning capabilities. Following the company’s ethos of relentless learning, I want to keep you posted on what is happening at AWS re:Invent 2022.

AWS IoT Connectivity

AWS IoT TwinMaker Knowledge Graph:

AWS IoT TwinMaker allows us to create digital twins of buildings, factories, industrial equipment, production lines, etc. On the other hand, the Knowledge Graph allows us to query the created twins. Know more about this feature here

AWS IoT Fleetwise:

After the success of IoT Sitewise, another visionary service, IoT Fleetwise, allows us to manage the fleet of vehicles on the go. Leverage telemetry from your cars by AWS IoT Fleetwise.

AWS IoT Core – Device Location

Now expose and use the IoT device location using the added capabilities of accepting device location.

Support for Protocol – MQTTv5

With the introduction of MQTTv5, the possibilities of using the AWS IoT services in your solution is endless.

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AWS ML University

An extraordinary effort by AWS to ingest responsible AI concepts for developers. This is a 9-hour free hands-on course open to everyone. This course is driven by the same data scientist who trains AWS internal team.

AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program

In partnership with Intel and Udacity, AWS has taken a step further in making AI/ML a new normal.

AWS Monitoring and Governance

Comprehensive Control Management in AWS Control Tower

The control groups allow you to govern accounts in your organization rapidly. The feature is live in preview today, and in just a moment of time, that will become live.

Proactive Compliance with AWS Config

The config rules will no longer be required to be enabled/enforced to see the outcome. The Proactive compliance will evaluate before provisioning.

The CloudTrail Lake integration with AWS Config

Correlate the AWS activity log with resource configuration and compliance. In layman’s terminology,  Now know which user created a misconfigured or non-compliant resource.

Global Search capabilities on AWS Resource Explorer

Now search the resource across the AWS account using the AWS Resource Explorer.

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor

We had been waiting to hear about this service for almost half a decade; the AWS CloudWatch Internet Monitor allows you to diagnose network issues in minutes.

Amazon CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability

Now you can monitor and troubleshoot applications with the cross-account observability feature on AWS CloudWatch.

Data Protection on Amazon CloudWatch Logs

On the AWS thrive of not reading customer data, this is one more feature to protect our PII data while sending the logs to Amazon CloudWatch. The service can now Mask sensitive information using the inbuilt ML  capabilities.




The SRD (Scalable Reliable Datagram) is a new-age AWS internal network solution that allows much faster communication channels using multi-path routing. Some of the AWS services that are planned to be moved on this network are:

The ENA Express and the IO2 EBS Volumes

AWS Compute

The Nitro V5 chip

Another innovation on roll out the Nitro v5 chip enables faster compute on EC2.

C7gn Instance Types in EC2

With Enhanced Networking instance powered by Graviton and Nitro v5 chip

HPC7g Instance Types in EC2

Compute intensive High-performance computing instances powered by the new Graviton 3E and Nitro v5 chip

Trn1n Instance Types for deep learning workloads

These are some of the instances that will be a path-breaking innovation for the deep learning algorithm, network-optimized instances with 1600 Gbps EFA networking.



AWS Serverless Compute

AWS Lambda Snap Start

Since the inception of the AWS Lambda Service which is practically the serverless compute Lambda have been struggling with the Cold Start issue. With AWS Lambda by introducing the AWS Lambda Snap Start.

Conclusion Day 1

On Day 1 of the AWS re: invent 2022, we saw some exceptional releases with new compute optimizations, a new way for networking with SRD, upgrades to governance and monitoring and some path-breaking IoT releases.

Stay tuned for the day 2 updates with CloudThat.

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1. What is AWS re:Invent?

ANS: – It is an in-person event that brings together leaders from across the globe to learn about technological advancements in the cloud. The conference hosts over 1500 technical sessions, an Expo, after-hours events, chat sessions, and much more. It is an event filled with innovation, PeerTalks, and networking sessions with the Who’s Who of the cloud computing industry. Read More

WRITTEN BY Prarthit Mehta

Prarthit Mehta is the Business Unit Head-Cloud Consulting at CloudThat. He is an AWS ambassador and has experience delivering solutions for customers from various industry domains. He also holds working experience in AWS and Big data platforms. He is an AWS Certified Architect - Professional and a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.



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