Cloud Digital Leader Course Overview

The audience for this course is business tech adjacent users, not developers or engineers. Inspire learners with the possibilities; don’t intimidate them with technology. Focus on the business value of Google Cloud rather than the technology details.

This intensive two-day/four-half-day instructor-led course equips tech-adjacent and cloud-adjacent professionals with the knowledge and skills to lead the way. 

This Google Cloud Digital Leader course empowers you to: 

  • Gain a clear understanding of fundamental cloud terminology and its impact on your work. 
  • Master the capabilities of core Google Cloud products and services, showcasing how they can drive transformative business goals. 
  • Articulate the value proposition of Google Cloud to both technical and non-technical audiences. 
  • Bridge the gap between business needs and technical implementation, fostering smooth cloud adoption within your organization.  
  • Go beyond the basics of Google Cloud infrastructure.  
  • It equips you with the skills to architect and deploy practical solutions for your unique needs. 
  • Master hybrid networking, implement secure encryption, manage access and billing, and monitor resources effectively.


After completing this Google Cloud Digital Leader Training, Students will be able to:

  • Refresh your memory on fundamental cloud terminology and confidently discuss its impact on your organization.
  • Discover how different Google Cloud products and solutions can fuel your digital transformation journey.
  • Explore how to leverage cloud technology and data insights to spark innovation within your organization.
  • Understand how Google Cloud can streamline and modernize your infrastructure and applications.
  • Get insights into the key factors contributing to successful cloud operations and security.

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Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification: Key Features:

  • Interactive-rich virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching to inculcate Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  • GCP certified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions to develop Competency-Based Learning (CBL).
  • Well-structured use-cases to simulate challenges encountered in a Real-World environment during Google Cloud Platform training.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through experts designed Learning Management System (LMS) and Exam Ready platform.
  • Being an official Google Cloud Platform Training Partner, we offer authored curricula that are at par with industry standards.

Who Should Attend this Course on Google Cloud Digital Leader:

  • Business analysts, IT managers, Project managers, and Product managers who want to know more about Google Cloud and become a Google Cloud Digital Leader.


  • There is no prerequisite for this Google Cloud Digital Leader course.
  • Why choose CloudThat as your Google Cloud Digital Leader Training Partner?

    • Specialized GCP Focus: CloudThat specializes in cloud technologies, offering focused and specialized training programs. We are Authorized Trainers for the Google Cloud Platform. This specialization ensures in-depth coverage of GCP services, use cases, best practices, and hands-on experience tailored specifically for GCP.
    • Industry-Recognized Trainers: CloudThat has a strong pool of industry-recognized trainers certified by GCP. These trainers bring real-world experience and practical insights into the training sessions, comprehensively understanding how GCP is applied in different industries and scenarios.
    • Hands-On Learning Approach: CloudThat emphasizes a hands-on learning approach. Learners can access practical labs, real-world projects, and case studies that simulate actual GCP environments. This approach allows learners to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, enhancing their understanding and skill set.
    • Customized Learning Paths: CloudThat understands that learners have different levels of expertise and varied learning objectives. We offer customized learning paths, catering to beginners, intermediate learners, and professionals seeking advanced GCP skills.
    • Interactive Learning Experience: CloudThat's training programs are designed to be interactive and engaging. We utilize various teaching methodologies like live sessions, group discussions, quizzes, and mentorship to keep learners engaged and motivated throughout the course.
    • Placement Assistance and Career Support: CloudThat often provides placement assistance and career support services. This includes resume building, interview preparation, and connecting learners with job opportunities through our network of industry partners and companies looking for GCP-certified professionals.
    • Continuous Learning and Updates: CloudThat ensures that our course content is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends, updates, and best practices within the GCP ecosystem. This commitment to keeping the content current enables learners to stay ahead in their GCP knowledge.
    • Positive Reviews and Testimonials: Reviews and testimonials from past learners can strongly indicate the quality of training provided. You can Check feedback and reviews about our GCP courses that can provide potential learners with insights into the effectiveness and value of the training.

    Learning objective of the course:

    • Demonstrate ability to comprehend cloud technology on businesses, outlining key benefits and driving forces.
    • Master fundamental cloud concepts, including shared responsibility models, deployment options, and service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
    • Analyze network performance implications on digital transformation and evaluate appropriate service models based on business needs.
    • Demonstrate the crucial role of data in digital transformation and advocate for a data-driven culture within organizations.
    • Identify and utilize Google Cloud solutions for data consolidation, management, and smart analytics.
    • Explore Google Cloud's Machine Learning and AI capabilities to unlock opportunities for innovation and automation.
    • Exhibit the crucial role of data in digital transformation and advocate for a data-driven culture within organizations.
    • Identify and utilize Google Cloud solutions for data consolidation, management, and smart analytics.
    • Explore Google Cloud's Machine Learning and AI capabilities to unlock opportunities for innovation and automation.

    Course Outline Download Course Outline


    • Why cloud technology is transforming business
    • Fundamental cloud concepts
    • Cloud computing models and shared responsibility


    • Explain why and how the cloud revolutionizes businesses.
    • Explain general cloud concepts.
    • Discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of using infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).


    • Define digital transformation.
    • Discuss current and future IT infrastructure implementations.
    • Identify how network performance impacts digital transformation.
    • Discuss the business drivers that drive service model choice.


    • The value of data
    • Data consolidation and analytics
    • Innovation with machine learning


    • Describe the role of data in digital transformation and the importance of a data-driven culture.
    • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for data management.
    • Identify common Google Cloud solutions for smart analytics.
    • Identify Google Cloud’s solutions for Machine Learning and AI.


    • Organize your business datasets into ‘buckets.’
    • Identify the best data management solution.
    • Knowledge check - practice exam questions.

    There are two suggested demos for this module:

    • Pre-trained Vision API
    • Pre-trained Natural Language API


    • Modernizing IT infrastructure with Google Cloud.
    • Modernizing applications with Google Cloud.
    • The value of APIs.


    • Describe the key benefits of infrastructure and application modernization with reference to cloud technology.
    • Differentiate between virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing.
    • Explain the Google Cloud solutions that help businesses to better manage their systems, such as App Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine.
    • Explain how Google Cloud solutions support app modernization and simplify API management.


    • Address business challenges with infrastructure modernization.
    • Relate infrastructure modernization options to your business.
    • Identify five key patterns for application modernization.
    • Knowledge check - practice exam questions.


    • Financial governance in the cloud.
    • Security in the cloud.
    • Monitoring cloud IT services and operations.


    • Describe financial governance in the cloud and Google Cloud's recommended best practices for effective cloud cost management.
    • Explain how IT teams and business leaders can use principles from DevOps and SRE to increase cloud operational efficiency.
    • Identify Google Cloud solutions for cloud resource monitoring and application performance management.


    • Identify how to improve operations using cost management approaches.
    • Recall and identify common cybersecurity threats.
    • Review misconceptions about security in the cloud.
    • Identify permissions and access requirements.
    • Knowledge check - practice exam questions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is designed for tech-adjacent professionals like business analysts, IT managers, project managers, and product managers who want to understand and champion cloud adoption in their organizations without needing prior cloud experience.

    You'll gain a strong foundation in fundamental cloud concepts, core Google Cloud services, and how they can drive business transformation. You'll also learn to communicate the value of Google Cloud, bridge the gap between business and technical teams, and understand successful cloud operations and security.

    Yes! While it covers fundamental cloud concepts, it also delves into practical solution architecting, hybrid networking, secure encryption, access and billing management, and resource monitoring. You'll equip yourself to handle real-world scenarios.

    Yes! The course content aligns with Google Cloud certification exams, and the materials can help you understand key concepts and terminology. However, it's not a guaranteed pass, and additional study resources may be needed.

    The course is available in two full-day or four half-day sessions, catering to your schedule flexibility.

    You'll gain valuable knowledge and skills to confidently advocate for cloud adoption, collaborate effectively with technical teams, and position yourself as a leader in your organization's cloud journey. This can enhance your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities.

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