AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads Course Overview

Our team of proficient Microsoft Certified Trainers will be spearheading the training program, with a focus on AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads. An architect or engineer possessing extensive expertise in SAP system landscapes and industry-specific standards is essential for the successful migration, integration, and ongoing maintenance of a SAP solution on Microsoft Azure

After Completing the AZ-120 Training, students will be able to:

  • Schedule, Implement, and Transfer SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and SAP NetWeaver Workloads to Azure.
  • To deploy the infrastructure needed to run SAP workloads on Azure, make use of the Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and Azure Resource Manager templates.
  • In order to deploy SAP workloads, including HANA, prepare and configure the supported operating systems.
  • Utilise VNet Peering and VNet-to-VNet connections as examples of intersite connections.
  • Discover how to use identity management technologies like Azure Active Directory.

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Principal Features associated with the AZ-120 Certification Preparation Course

  • AZ-120 training provides a hands-on learning and training experience.
  • Using the LODS (Learn on Demand) platform to conduct integrated instructional support and help for practical activities.
  • Having Microsoft Learning Partner status gives us an advantage over rivals.
  • Clearly structured use-cases that replicate real-world challenges.
  • Providing instruction in a dynamic, captivating online classroom to encourage problem-based learning (PBL) along with Study Guides.

Who Ought to attend?

  • Azure Administrators who migrate and manage SAP solutions on Azure are the target audience for this training. Azure Administrators have a thorough understanding of every service throughout the whole IT lifecycle and oversee cloud services including storage, networking, and computing. When end users ask for new cloud applications, they provide suggestions on which services to utilise for best performance and scalability. They also supply, size, monitor, and make necessary adjustments. Coordinating and interacting with vendors is a requirement of this position. Azure Administrators utilise the Azure Portal, and as they advance in experience, they also use the Command Line Interface and PowerShell.

Prerequisites of AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads

  • It would be ideal if you also have knowledge of networking, disaster recovery, high availability, cloud infrastructure, storage architecture, and data protection principles.
  • SAP HANA, S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BW/4HANA, OS servers for SAP applications and databases, Azure portal, Azure Marketplace, and Azure Resource Manager templates are among the several programmes you should be well-versed in.

Course Outline Download Course Outline

  • Explore Azure for SAP workloads Lessons Explore Azure for SAP workloads
  • Discover common terms and meanings for SAP on Azure
  • Identify SAP-certified configurations
  • Examine SAP NetWeaver with AnyDB on Azure virtual machines
  • Analyze SAP S/4HANA on Azure virtual machines
  • Lab: Prerequisites

  • Explore Azure for SAP compute.
  • Explore Azure for SAP networking.
  • Explore Azure for SAP storage
  • Explore Azure for SAP databases
  • Online Lab: Implementing Linux clustering on Azure VM
  • Online Lab: Implementing Windows clustering on Azure VMs

  • Explore identity services for SAP on Azure
  • Explore remote management for SAP on Azure
  • Explore governance and manageability for SAP on Azure

  • Deploy single-instance implementations of SAP on Azure (2-tier and 3-tier)
  • Implement high availability in SAP NetWeaver with AnyDB on Azure virtual
  • Online Lab-Implement SAP architecture on Azure VMs running Linux
  • Online Lab-Implement SAP architecture on Azure VMs running Windows

  • Implement high availability for SAP workloads in Azure
  • Implement disaster recovery for SAP workloads in Azure
  • Perform backups and restores for SAP workloads on Azure

  • Choose between lift-and-shift, lift-shift-migrate, and lift-shift-migrate to HANA.
  • Choose an appropriate SAP workload migration strategy and tools.
  • Design and implement an SAP migration to Azure.
  • Configure storage to support migration.

  • Use the planning and deployment checklist for SAP workloads on Azure
  • Explore migration options for SAP on Azure
  • Migrate very large databases (VLDB) to Azure for SAP

  • Explore monitoring requirements of Azure for SAP workloads
  • Configure the Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP
  • Explore licensing, pricing, and support for SAP on Azure virtual machines

Contemplate CloudThat for the Microsoft AZ 120 course: why?

    • Obtaining the AZ-120 certification will demonstrate your ability to offer SAP workload solutions on Microsoft Azure.
    • Learn how to organize, implement, and migrate a range of workloads to Azure.
    • Show that you can set up and prepare supported operating systems to run SAP workloads.
    • Aspirants who successfully complete AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads course will earn a Certificate of Course Completion from us.
    • Microsoft Certification is obtained by candidates who pass the AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads exam.

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Nishant Ranjan

Extremely happy with the training I received from CloudThat. Trainers helped me with proper training and knowledge I required to take up the AZ-120 certification exam. Good work!

Frequently Asked Questions

AZ-120 certification can open doors to various career opportunities in the field of SAP and Azure. It can lead to roles such as SAP architect, SAP consultant, or Azure administrator, with a focus on SAP workloads.

Yes, there is a time limit for the exam. Typically, you'll have a certain number of minutes to complete all the questions. Refer to the official Microsoft certification website for specific details.

You can prepare for AZ-120 by reviewing Microsoft's official exam guide, taking relevant online courses, and practicing with sample questions. Additionally, hands-on experience with SAP on Azure is valuable.

The passing score may vary, so it's essential to check the official Microsoft certification website for the most up-to-date information on passing criteria.

You can register for the AZ-120 exam and access additional information on the official Microsoft certification website, including exam details, study materials, and registration instructions.

SAP administrators, architects, and IT professionals responsible for SAP workloads on Azure should consider taking the AZ-120 exam to showcase their proficiency in this domain.

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