Course Overview

This AZ-700 AZURE NETWORK ENGINEER certification training course equips the aspirants with required skills and knowledge to be a successful network administrator with all the necessary skills and get a qualifying AZ-700 certificate. 

After completing 3 DAY of AZ 700 training, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage Azure Virtual Networks
  • Configure Public IP services
  • Design name resolution for your Virtual Network
  • Implement Hybrid Network infrastructure by using VPN and Virtual WAN
  • Configure Expressroute Gateways, Circuits.
  • Design Load Balancing Solution by using different load balancers such as Azure Load balancer, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager and Front Door
  • Configure Security features such as DDOS protection, Defender for cloud, Azure Firewall, Network Security Groups to protect the network resources.
  • Configure Service endpoint, private endpoints and private link to provide safe secure access to the network resources.
  • Manage Network monitoring tools such as Network Watcher, Azure monitor.

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Main Highlights of AZ-700 Certification Course

  • A real-world training and learning experience are offered through this training.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through LODS (Learn on demand) platform to perform hands-on exercises.
  • Being a Microsoft Learning Partner provides us with the edge over competition.
  • Well-organized use-cases that mimic the difficulties seen in the real world.
  • Teaching in an interactive, engaging virtual classroom to promote problem-based learning (PBL).

Who should Attend Microsoft AZ 700 Training?

  • People who are interested about learning azure virtual network infrastructure and want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Network Engineer, by attending the course will help you be ready for configuring and managing the virtual network. The participants has to be well-versed in one of the Associate course content and hold at least one certification at the Microsoft Associate or Expert level.

Pre-requisites of AZ-700 Training (Azure Network Engineer)

  • At-least one Microsoft Associate or Expert level certification as per the list provided.  
  • Strong understanding of the course material (Associate / Expert).

Why Opt CloudThat for AZ-700 course?

  • AZ-700 Course by CloudThat helps you become a more successful network engineer by enhancing your network administration skills.
  • AZ-700 is an 8-hour training and will be conducted for 3 days.
  • AZ-700 course will be delivered by the best experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers from CloudThat.

Course Outline Download Course Outline

  • Explore basics of configuring Vnets and subnets.
  • Configuring Ip Address.
  • Configuring DNS Zone for name resolution.
  • Configuring Vnet Peering to establish communication between the resources deployed on different vnets.
  • Configure internet access with Azure Virtual NAT
  • Hands-on Exercise on DNS setting and peering, VNAT.

  • Configuring Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Configuring VPN P2P connection, S2S connection
  • Configuring Virtual WAN
  • Hands-On demonstration on VPN and VWAN

  • Configuring ExpressRoute Gateway
  • Configuring ExpressRoute Circuits
  • Configuring peering on ExpressRoute
  • Premium SKU features such as Fast Path and Global reach
  • Troubleshoot ExpressRoute connection issues
  • Hands-on demonstration on ER Gateway.

  • Designing load Balancing Solution
  • Configuring Non-Http Load balancers: Traffic Manager, Azure Load Balancer
  • Hands-on demonstration on creating Azure load balancer and configuring IP address, backend pool, health probe and load balancing rule.
  • Hands-on demonstration on creating Traffic manager profiles and adding endpoints to it.
  • Configuring different routing routes like Priority rule, Geography Routing, Multivalue Routing, Subnet Routing, Weighted Routing.

  • Configuring Http Load Balancers: Front door, Application Gateway
  • Hands-on demonstration on creating frontdoor and configuring ip address, backend pool and load balancing rule.
  • Configuring features like WAF (web application firewall) and session affinity on frontdoor.
  • Configuring Application Gateway to achieve global load balancing.
  • Help me choose to load balancing option to determine the correct load balancing solution.

  • Design and Implement network security.
  • Configuring network security features such as DDOS protection, Defender, WAF, NSG.

  • Configuring service endpoints and private endpoints to give safe and secure access to network resources.
  • Configuring link service to give secure access to the resources.
  • Hands-on demonstration on creating private endpoints and service endpoints by using portal and PowerShell.

  • Configuring azure monitor to monitor the health status and availability of network resources.
  • Configuring IP flow, topology, next hop and other features of network watcher tool to monitor the network resources.


    • By earning AZ-700 certificate, you will be gaining technical skills required to configure and manage the virtual network in efficient way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AZ-700 certification, known as the Azure Virtual Network Engineer certification, is designed for professionals who work with Azure networking solutions. It validates expertise in configuring and managing Azure Virtual Networks and is important for network engineers looking to specialize in Azure.

The AZ-700 certification is intended for network engineers, architects, and IT professionals responsible for designing, configuring, and maintaining virtual network infrastructures in the Azure cloud environment.

The exam covers a range of Azure networking topics, including designing and implementing Azure Virtual Networks, connecting on-premises networks to Azure, configuring Azure network security, and optimizing network performance.

To prepare for the AZ-700 exam, you can use official Microsoft learning resources, study guides, practice exams, and hands-on experience with Azure networking. Microsoft provides relevant online courses and documentation to help you prepare effectively.

Typically, Microsoft certifications are valid for two years. To maintain your AZ-700 certification, you may need to pass a recertification exam or meet other requirements as specified by Microsoft. Be sure to review the certification website for the latest information on maintaining your certification.

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