AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Course Overview

This AZ-140 certification training course equips the aspirants with required skills and knowledge to be a successful virtual desktop administrator with all the necessary skills and get a qualifying AZ-140 certificate. 

After completing of AZ 140 course, you will be able to:

  • Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure 
  • Optimize Azure Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure 
  • Secure an Azure Virtual Desktop deployment 
  • Deploy applications by using MSIX app attach for Azure Virtual Desktop 
  • Manage user profiles with FSlogix

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Main Highlights of Microsoft AZ-140 Readiness Course

  • A real-world training and learning experience are offered through this training.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through LODS (Learn on demand) platform to perform hands-on exercises.
  • Being a Microsoft Learning Partner provides us with the edge over competition.
  • Well-organized use-cases that mimic the difficulties seen in the real world.
  • Teaching in an interactive, engaging virtual classroom to promote problem-based learning (PBL).

Who should attend AZ 140 Training?

  • People who are focused about learning azure virtual desktop and want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure virtual desktop administrator.
  • This course will help you be ready for configuring and managing the virtual desktop.
  • The participants have to be well-versed in one of the Associate course contents and hold at least one certification at the Microsoft Associate or Expert level.

Pre-requisites of AZ-140 Course (Azure Virtual Desktop Administrator)

  • At-least one Microsoft Associate or Expert level certification as per the list provided.
  • Strong understanding of the course material (Associate / Expert).

Why Opt CloudThat for AZ-140 course?

  • AZ-140 Course by CloudThat helps you become a more successful virtual desktop administrator by enhancing your skills.
  • AZ-140 Certification training is an 8-hour training and will be conducted for 4 days.
  • AZ-140 course will be delivered by the best experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers from CloudThat.

Course Outline Download Course Outline

  • AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop) Components.
  • Personal and Pooled Desktops.
  • Service Updates for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Azure limitations for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • VM Sizing for AVD pools.
  • AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop)Pricing.

  • Network Capacity and Speed requirements for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • RTT calculation from a specific location for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop) service
  • Basic two types of load balancing for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Subscription and management groups for AVD(Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Choosing the correct license model to meet the demands.
  • Configuring multi-session desktops.
  • Designing the appropriate storage solution for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Deploying AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) client
  • Designing Hybrid identity solution for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Configuring and manging network connectivity for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Manage connectivity to on-prem resources from AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Implement and manage security for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Configure AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) by using bastion

  • Configuring Fslogix to manage user profiles on multi-session pool.
  • Configure storage account and file shares for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) storage.

  • Implementation of AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) host pool.
  • Implementation of host pool by using powershell.
  • Configuring RDP properties and AD joined VMS in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Creation of VM image.
  • Modifying session host image.
  • Create Shared image gallery.
  • Install language packs in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Managing access to AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) by using RBAC role.
  • Enable screen capture protection for AVD.
  • Using Intune for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Configure conditional access policy for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Configuring MFA for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) users.
  • Manage security for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) by using security centre.
  • Configuring Microsoft defender for cloud and threat protection for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).

  • Installation of FSlogix
  • Storage options for Fslogix profile containers
  • Configuration of cloud cache

  • AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) optimization principles
  • Configure user settings through group policies and endpoint manager policies.
  • Configure session timeout and device management, universal print.

  • Implementation of MSIX attach
  • Using one drive app on AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Using Teams on AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Troubleshoot application issues in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)

  • Disaster Recovery for AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Virtual Machine application

  • Scaling features in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).
  • Create and update azure automation account
  • Create logic app and execution.

  • Monitor AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) by using azure monitor.
  • Monitor AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) by using azure advisor
  • Diagnosing performance issues in AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop).


    • By earning AZ-140 certificate, you will be gaining technical skills required to configure and manage the virtual desktops in efficient way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The exam covers various aspects of Azure Virtual Desktop, including planning and implementing the infrastructure, configuring session host virtual machines, managing user profiles and data, optimizing performance, and monitoring and troubleshooting AVD environments.

The AZ-140 certification is typically valid for two years. To maintain your certification, you may need to pass a recertification exam, stay up-to-date with the evolving technology, or meet other requirements specified by Microsoft. Be sure to check the certification website for the latest information on maintaining your AZ-140 certification.

The passing score may vary, so it's important to check the official Microsoft certification website for the most up-to-date information on the passing criteria for the AZ-140 certification.

IT administrators, cloud architects, and professionals involved in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Azure should consider AZ-140 to demonstrate their skills in configuring and operating Azure Virtual Desktop environments.

To prepare for the AZ-140 exam, you can use official Microsoft learning resources, study guides, practice exams, and hands-on experience with Azure Virtual Desktop. Additionally, you can take relevant courses and explore documentation available on the Microsoft website.

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