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Playbook to Achieve Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partnership for AWS

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Today we proudly announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognized CloudThat as their Amazon QuickSight Delivery Program Partner. This is the result of consistently delivering fantastic AWS capabilities for our global customers along with great number of technical certifications.

Achieving the AWS Service Delivery designation differentiates CloudThat as an AWS Partner Network member to provide specialized technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering Business Intelligence services to our customers.

Let me briefly introduce the Amazon Service Delivery Partner Program, the benefits of getting this partnership, and the prerequisites for this partnership.

About AWS Service Delivery Partner Program:

The AWS Service Delivery Partner Program is designed for AWS consulting partners who have demonstrated expertise and success in delivering specific AWS services. AWS has validated partners who participate in the program through a rigorous technical review process, which includes customer references and a review of their AWS service delivery capabilities.

Before we dive into AWS Service Delivery Partnership Program, let me give you the bird’s eye point of view of all these programs.

There are very well-defined criteria for advancing your partnership journey with Amazon.

CloudThat is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner advancing to become an AWS Data and Analytics Partner Program. To achieve this, first, we need to attain at least one AWS Service Delivery designation associated with AWS Data & Analytics services: Amazon EMR, Amazon Glue, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon OpenSearch, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon MSK, and Amazon DynamoDB. Our selection was Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery, as we have solid customer solutions that have leveraged the Amazon QuickSight service. 

Empowering organizations to become ‘data driven’ enterprises with our Cloud experts.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Timely data-driven decisions
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Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partnership Program

Achieving Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partnership Program will help partners promote their expertise in delivering Amazon QuickSight solutions, increase their customer base, and attain faster business growth. Partners can help their customer’s problems by providing them with business intelligence, data storage, machine learning and data analytics solutions to enable them to make better business decisions.

Prerequisites and Due Diligence

Let me give you a detailed idea about Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partnership Program.

The expectations from the AWS Partners applying for AWS QuickSight Service Delivery are to submit the required documentation mentioned below:

  • Partner must be validated in the Service Path.
  • Two unique customer case studies where AWS QuickSight is used. (implemented within 18 months)
  • Completed Self-Assessment checklist
  • Dedicated Microsite for Amazon QuickSight

After submission, the AWS team will conduct an internal technical validation audit where the documentation is presented and supporting evidence is orderly.

The AWS team will communicate the result in 5 business days.

Benefits of becoming an Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner

  • Partners can build customizable dashboards and interactive reports with rocket-fast response times.
  • Make data-driven decisions and scale your business with Amazon QuickSight.
  • Cloud-based BI and data visualization service that seamlessly connects multiple data sources to provide real-time insights.
  • Machine learning tools identify hidden trends, discover key business drivers, and present complex data in natural language.
  • Save time and reduce human error with Amazon QuickSight.
  • Cost-effective with a pay-per-session pricing model.
  • Experiment with enormous amounts of data with a world-class data engine.
  • SPICE Engine is mighty and replicates data for easy access to vast information.
  • Accessible from any device, with an offline mode option for maximum portability.
  • Innovative visualizations accurately forecast and analyze data based on analytical patterns.
  • Highly scalable and can measure company metrics across numerous business disciplines, with many users working independently and concurrently.
  • ML-based anomaly detection allows easily advanced analytics without prior data science expertise.
  • Get the most out of your data with Amazon QuickSight’ s robust, scalable, and flexible BI and data visualization tool.


CloudThat achieved a stellar report from the audit and received positive affirmation for successfully clearing the technical validation process. In addition, a confirmation from the AWS team within the next five business days brought us good news. We are now recognized as the official Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner.

Our Data & Analytics team worked with many customers to provide them with analytics solutions that are highly scalable, cost-effective, flexible, and easily portable.

Register to our upcoming webinar on ‘Role of Data Analytics in Intelligent Decision Making’ here. 

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About CloudThat

CloudThat is the official AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Consulting Partner and Training partner and Microsoft gold partner, helping people develop knowledge of the cloud and help their businesses aim for higher goals using best-in-industry cloud computing practices and expertise. We are on a mission to build a robust cloud computing ecosystem by disseminating knowledge on technological intricacies within the cloud space. Our blogs, webinars, case studies, and white papers enable all the stakeholders in the cloud computing sphere.

If you have questions regarding Amazon QuickSight Products or other Data and Analytics offerings, drop a query in the comments section.

To get started, go through our Consultancy page and Managed Services Package, CloudThat’s offerings.


1. How can I learn more about APN Partner?

ANS: – Every applicant for APN Partnership must complete the APN Registration process. For more details, visit the APN Partners page.

2. How can I document the customer case studies for Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner?

ANS: – Case studies are critical for partners to establish rapport and credibility with AWS and its customers. The customer case studies should be in the format as decided by AWS. Every case study must include the below line items:

  • Customer Name and Background
  • Customer Challenge
  • How the solution was deployed to meet the challenge
  • Third-party applications or solutions used
  • AWS Services used as part of the solution
  • Date the project entered production
  • Outcomes/ Lessons Learned
  • Architecture Diagrams of the specific customer deployment

3. What are Partner Paths?

ANS: – AWS Partner Paths are a framework to accelerate partner engagement with AWS based on the products or services a partner offers to customers. They are categorized into Software, Hardware, Services, Training, and Distribution Paths.

4. What are other Competency Partnerships from AWS that partners can achieve?

ANS: –

  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner

WRITTEN BY Anusha Shanbhag

Anusha Shanbhag is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Technical Content Writer specializing in technical content strategizing with over 10+ years of professional experience in technical content writing, process documentation, tech blog writing, and end-to-end case studies publishing, catering to consulting and marketing requirements for B2B and B2C audiences. She is a public speaker and ex-president of the corporate Toastmaster club.



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