Why Us

We are passionate about solving business challenges and use the Cloud to solve them.

We have seen project schedules so aggressive, with not enough resources, that there wasn’t enough time to train on Cloud technologies. So, we developed solid, complete and efficient Cloud training curriculum for engineers to get certified in Cloud technologies and Big Data.

We have seen struggling projects that Cloud Computing would help. We have worked with people who were tentative about moving data and processes off-premise. We have seen positive results gained by moving to hybrid and public Cloud solutions. So, we help companies move to the Cloud, and do so confidently.

We have needed to cut costs while maintaining uptime. We understand the need to budget and plan for reliable maintenance, service, and support without adding FTEs. So, we not only move solutions to the Cloud but also maintain and manage Cloud implementations long-term.

We save money. We improve uptime and security. We help people with Cloud Computing, and it works.

That is what drives us: seeing people move up and succeed. Partner with us, and CloudThat. Move Up.

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Quick Inquiry