Course Overview

Dive Deeper into Google Cloud Networking: Hands-on Deployments (VPC, Load Balancing, & More); through a blend of interactive presentations, engaging demonstrations, and hands-on labs, you’ll explore and master skills to gain control over Google Cloud networking concepts:  

  • Design and deploy Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with subnets and firewalls to ensure robust network segmentation. 
  • Seamlessly interconnect your on-premises network with Google Cloud for secure and efficient data exchange. 
  • Leverage load-balancing strategies to handle peaks in demand and deliver a smooth user experience. 
  • Optimize website and application responsiveness with Cloud DNS’s global reach and advanced features. 
  • Deliver content closer to your users with the high-performance network of Cloud CDN. 

After completing this course on Networking in Google Cloud, Students will be able to:

    • Dive into hands-on practice with essential Google Cloud networking technologies:
  • Design and deploy Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with subnets and routers, configure firewalls, and manage administrative access to ensure robust network segmentation.
  • Master DNS traffic steering to control the flow of data efficiently.
  • Implement security policies to restrict access to your VPC networks and establish seamless connections between Google Cloud projects.
  • Leverage load-balancing strategies to handle dynamic traffic demands and deliver optimal performance.
  • Configure secure connections to external resources and services from your internal networks, including private access options.
  • Choose the ideal Network Service Tier (Premium or Standard) based on your specific performance, cost, and feature requirements.

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Networking in Google Cloud Key Features:

  • Our Google Cloud Platform training modules have 50% - 60% hands-on lab sessions to encourage Thinking-Based Learning (TBL).
  • Interactive-rich virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching to inculcate Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  • GCP-certified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions to develop Competency-Based Learning (CBL).
  • Well-structured use cases to simulate challenges encountered in a Real-World environment during Google Cloud Platform training.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through an experts-designed Learning Management System (LMS) and ExamReady platform.
  • Being an official Google Cloud Platform Training Partner, we offer authored curricula aligned with industry standards.

Who Should Attend this Course on Networking in Google Cloud Specialization:

  • Network engineers and administrators who use or plan to use the Google Cloud console.
  • Individuals who want to be exposed to software-defined networking solutions in the cloud.


    To get the most out of this course, participants should have:
  • Having completed the Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course or having equivalent experience.
  • Having completed the Networking Fundamentals in Google Cloud quest or having equivalent experience.
  • Prior understanding of the 7-layer OSI model.
  • Prior understanding of IPv4 addressing
  • Prior experience with managing IPv4 routes
  • Why choose CloudThat as your Networking in Google Cloud Training Partner?

    • Specialized GCP Focus: CloudThat specializes in cloud technologies, offering focused and specialized training programs. We are Authorized Trainers for the Google Cloud Platform. This specialization ensures in-depth coverage of GCP services, use cases, best practices, and hands-on experience tailored specifically for GCP.
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    Learning objective of the course:

      • By completing this course on Networking in Google Cloud you can:
    • Master building and deploying VPCs with subnets, routers, and firewalls to ensure robust network segmentation and access control.
    • Implement secure and efficient data exchange between your on-premises network and Google Cloud, enabling hybrid cloud deployments.
    • Employ load-balancing strategies to distribute traffic, handle peak demands, and deliver smooth user experiences for your applications.
    • Leverage Cloud DNS's global reach and advanced features to optimize website and application responsiveness for users worldwide.
    • Utilize Cloud CDN's high-performance network to bring content closer to your users, minimizing latency and improving access times.
    • Analyze your specific performance, cost, and feature needs to select your cloud environment's ideal Network Service Tier (Premium or Standard).

    Course Modules: Download Course Outline


    • Overview of VPC networks
    • IPv6 addressing
    • Routes and route preferences
    • Bring your own IP (BYOIP)
    • Multiple network interfaces
    • Cloud DNS policies


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Working with Multiple VPC Networks
    • Lab: Traffic Steering using Geolocation Policy


    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles
    • Policy constraints
    • Firewall rules


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Controlling Access to VPC Networks


    • Shared VPC
    • VPC Network Peering


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Configuring VPC Network Peering


    • Load balancing overview
    • Hybrid load balancing
    • Traffic management
    • Internal TCP/UDP load balancers as next hops
    • Cloud CDN


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Configuring Traffic Management with a Load Balancer
    • Lab: Caching Cloud Storage with Cloud CD


    • Cloud Interconnect
    • Cloud VPN
    • Influencing best path selection
    • Network Connectivity Center


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Configuring Google Cloud HA VPN


    • Private access overview
    • Private Google Access
    • Private Service Connect
    • Private services access
    • Cloud NAT


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Implement Private Google Access and Cloud NAT


    • Networking pricing
    • Network Service Tiers
    • Billing


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Optimizing Network spend with Network Tiers


    • Monitoring
    • Logging


    • 1 quiz
    • Lab: Resource Monitoring

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is ideal for intermediate-level Google Cloud users who want to dive deeper into hands-on network deployments. If you've completed "Architecting with Google Compute Engine" and want to master essential networking technologies like VPCs, load balancing, and Cloud DNS, this course is for you.

    "Architecting with Google Compute Engine" provides a foundation for cloud infrastructure. This course builds on that foundation by focusing specifically on advanced networking technologies and hands-on deployments. You'll gain practical skills in designing, configuring, and managing Google Cloud networks.

    You'll explore and master hands-on skills in: Designing and deploying VPCs with subnets, firewalls, and routers Implementing traffic control through DNS steering Managing access and connectivity between VPC networks and projects Scaling with load-balancing strategies Connecting to external resources securely through public and private options Choosing the best Network Service Tier for your needs (Premium or Standard)

    The course combines interactive presentations, engaging demonstrations, and extensive hands-on labs. You'll actively put your skills to the test in realistic scenarios, solidifying your understanding and preparing you for real-world applications.

    Basic familiarity with Google Cloud concepts and experience with "Architecting with Google Compute Engine" is recommended. Prior knowledge of networking fundamentals and IPv4 addressing is also helpful.

    This course covers topics relevant to the Google Cloud Certified Professional - Cloud Network Architect exam. While completing this course alone may not guarantee passing the exam, it will provide a strong foundation and understanding of the required concepts and technologies. We recommend you consult the official exam guide and consider additional resources for comprehensive preparation.

    Yes, we offer free webinars that glimpse the course content and learning style. This will help you determine if the full course is the right fit for you.

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