Data Engineering with Databricks - Course Overview

Immerse yourself in the world of data engineering with our comprehensive 4-day course on the
Databricks Lakehouse platform. Explore the architecture, services, and tools that make data
management efficient and effective. Gain hands-on experience with Delta Lake, relational entities,
ETL using Spark SQL, incremental data processing, multi-hop architecture, Delta Live Tables, task
orchestration with Databricks Jobs, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to
harness the power of Databricks for seamless data engineering.

After completing Data Engineering in Databricks Course, students will be able to:

  • Set up and manage interactive clusters on the Databricks platform.
  • Manipulate and manage data tables using Delta Lake.
  • Perform advanced SQL transformations and data cleaning using Spark SQL.
  • Build multi-hop data architectures for incremental data processing.
  • Utilize Databricks Jobs for task orchestration.
  • Navigate Databricks SQL and create production-ready dashboards.
  • Understand the Unity Catalog for managing permissions and access.
  • Apply Delta Live Tables for real-time data analytics.

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Key Features of the Course

  • Hands-on labs to reinforce concepts.
  • Real-world case studies for practical application.
  • Expert instructors with industry experience.
  • Access to the Databricks Lakehouse platform for practice.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Delta Lake and Databricks services.
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Who should attend this Master Data Engineering with Databricks Training

  • Individuals with a drive to enhance their skills and thrive in the realm of data engineering.
  • Data analysts transitioning to data engineering roles.
  • Professionals seeking proficiency in Databricks and Delta Lake.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

  • Basic understanding of SQL and data concepts
  • Familiarity with data processing tools is a plus.

Learning objective of course:

  • Master the fundamentals of the DataBricks Lakehouse platform.
  • Gain proficiency in managing Delta Lake tables and data.
  • Develop skills to create efficient ETL pipelines using Spark SQL.
  • Learn strategies for incremental data processing and architecture.
  • Understand the nuances of real-time analytics with Delta Live Tables.

Why choose CloudThat as your training partner?

  • Industry-recognized training provider.
  • Expert instructors with hands-on experience.
  • Practical labs for real-world skill application.
  • In-depth coverage of relevant technologies.
  • Proven track record of successful training outcomes.

Master Data Engineering with Databricks Certification Course Outline Download Course Outline

  • The Databricks Lakehouse platform
  • Databricks Architecture and Services
  • Create and Manage Interactive Clusters
  • Notebook Basics
  • Git Versioning with Databricks Repos
  • Using Databricks Repos
  • Getting Started with the Databricks Platform

  • What is Delta Lake
  • Managing Delta Tables
  • Manipulating tables with delta lake lab
  • Advanced delta
  • Delta lab

  • Databases and Views
  • Views and CTES
  • Databases tables views lab

  • Query Files Directly
  • Providing Options
  • Creating Delta Tables
  • Writing to Tables
  • Extract Load Lab
  • Cleaning Data
  • Advanced SQL Transformations
  • UDF
  • Reshaping Data Lab

  • Incremental ingestion auto loader
  • Reasoning about incremental data
  • Using Auto Loader and SS with Spark SQL

  • Multi-Hop Architecture
  • Incremental Multi hop.
  • Propagating incremental lab

  • Delta Live Tables UI
  • SQL for DLT
  • Pipeline Results
  • DLT Lab

  • Jobs
  • Multi-Task Jobs Lab

  • Introducing Unity Catalog
  • Managing Permissions

  • Navigating Databricks SQL and Attaching to Endpoints
  • Last Mile ELT with Databricks SQL


    • This course helps in clearing Databricks Data Engineering Associate certification exam.
    • Enhance your resume with valuable data engineering skills.
    • Join the CloudThat community of skilled data professionals.

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