Generative AI and Prompt Engineering using Azure Course Overview:

This course equips you to develop innovative conversational AI applications using Azure OpenAI GPT Services. Learn to integrate the service, leverage prompt engineering, generate code & images, and use custom data. Ethical considerations and best practices are emphasized for responsible AI use. This hands-on course empowers you to create user-centric conversational experiences using generative AI.

After Completing this Generative AI and Prompt Engineering using Azure Training, Employees Will Be Able To:

  • Understand Generative AI and its applications.
  • Explain Transformers and GPT architecture.
  • Access and use Azure OpenAI Services.
  • Integrate Azure OpenAI ChatGPT into applications.
  • Design effective prompts for various conversational tasks.
  • Generate different creative text formats with ChatGPT.
  • Utilize ChatGPT to enhance code generation and quality.
  • Generate images using DALL-E based on text prompts.

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Generative AI and Prompt Engineering using Azure Certification Key Features

  • In-depth coverage of Generative AI and Prompt Engineering.
  • Hands-on labs for practical application and skill development.
  • Introduction to Azure OpenAI GPT and DALL-E capabilities.
  • Learn to ethically use and address biases in Generative AI.
  • Integrate AI-powered features into your applications.
  • Taught by industry experts with real-world experience.

Who Should Attend this Generative AI and Prompt Engineering using Azure Certification Training?

  • Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Conversational AI Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for the course

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts.
  • Familiarity with Cloud Computing fundamentals is preferred.
  • Azure Account (Free Trial Available)

Why Choose CloudThat as Your GenAI Training Partner?

  • Industry-recognized trainers with extensive experience.
  • Comprehensive course curriculum with hands-on labs.
  • Real-world case studies and project-based learning.
  • Personalized attention and support throughout the course.
  • Flexible learning options (online/in-person).
  • Post-training support and career guidance.

Learning Objectives of the Generative AI Training

  • Gain expertise in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering concepts.
  • Master the use of Azure OpenAI Services for various applications.
  • Develop skills to integrate AI features into conversational applications.
  • Learn to generate different creative text formats and code with ChatGPT.
  • Understand how to generate images using DALL-E based on prompts.
  • Apply best practices for responsible and ethical use of Generative AI.

Generative AI and Prompt Engineering using Azure Training Course Outline: Download Course Outline

  • Explores NLP, conversational AI, Transformers, and GPT applications.

  • Introduces conversational AI landscape, Azure OpenAI Service, and ChatGPT.

  • Covers setting up Azure account, accessing service, generating API keys, and using resources.

  • Explains APIs, SDKs, setting up API endpoints, and integrating chat features.

  • Introduces prompt engineering, designing prompts, refining prompts, and ethical considerations.

  • Explores using ChatGPT for code generation, improving code quality, and integrating it into workflows.

  • Introduces DALL-E, preparing data, using the API for image generation, and creative applications.

  • Covers fine-tuning models with data, creating personalized conversational experiences.

  • 0Briefly explores Bard, AlphaCode, GitHub Copilot, Cohere Generate, and StyleGAN.

  • Discusses identifying biases, responsible AI use, and safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Certification Details

  • Participation Certificate from CloudThat upon course completion.
  • Optional: Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course offers comprehensive training in developing conversational AI applications using Azure OpenAI GPT Services.

You will learn to integrate Azure OpenAI GPT Services, employ prompt engineering techniques, generate code and images, and utilize custom data for creating conversational AI experiences.

This course emphasizes ethical considerations and best practices for responsible AI use, ensuring that you develop AI applications ethically and effectively.

Yes, this course is hands-on, allowing you to gain practical experience in creating user-centric conversational experiences using generative AI.

This course is suitable for individuals with basic knowledge of AI and programming concepts. No prior experience with Azure or generative AI is required.

By completing this course, you will acquire valuable skills in AI development and Azure services, enhancing your employability in the rapidly growing field of AI technology.

While there are no strict prerequisites, familiarity with basic AI concepts and programming languages such as Python would be beneficial for better understanding the course content.

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