VMware Certified Professional – vSphere VCP 8 Course Overview:

This five-day training course equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with VMware vSphere8. It helps you to unleash the power of vSphere Distributed Services Engine, utilize DPU supported Life Cycle Manager, tap the AI/ML potential of vSphere 8 through Unified Management for AI/ML Hardware Accelerators.

After completing VMware Certified Professional – vSphere VCP 8 Training, students will be able to

  • Understand difference between Physical | Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Understand baremetal and hosted hypervisor
  • VMware Products for Datacenter Virtualization | Desktop Virtualization | Network Virtualization
  • Understand Hardware Requirements to Install and configure ESXi hosts
  • Access ESXi Host using DCUI and Host Client
  • Configure Management Network and DCUI Settings
  • Understand Centralized Management Application - vCenter Server
  • Deploy and configure vCenter Server Appliance
  • Use the vSphere Client to create the vCenter inventory and assign roles to vCenter users
  • Create virtual networks using vSphere standard switches and distributed switches
  • Create and configure datastores using storage technologies supported by vSphere
  • Use the vSphere® ClientTM to create virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
  • Create content libraries for managing templates and deploying virtual machines Manage virtual machine resource allocation
  • Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion® and VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion®
  • Create and configure a vSphere cluster that is enabled with VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource SchedulerTM
  • Manage the life cycle of vSphere to keep vCenter, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines up to date

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vSphere VCP 8 Certification Key Features:

  • Training covers right from Basics of Virtualization till Advanced concepts of Migration, Cluster, High Availability and DRS
  • In Depth coverage of Storage Concepts and Virtual Networking - Standard Switch and Distributed Switch features
  • Training by VMware Certified Instructors having +12 years experience
  • Course Material - Lecture Manual + Lab Manual
  • VMware VCP Course Completion Certificate and Career Guidance.

Who should attend this vSphere VCP 8 Training?

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • Desktop Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Graduates Aspiring to Build their career in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

vSphere VCP 8 Course Prerequisites:

  • 6 Months work experience in IT
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    • Enjoy all types of learning modes that suit your requirement virtual, instructor-led classrooms, or hybrid classrooms for VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage certification training.
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    • Opportunity to learn and interact with learners from different organizations across the globe on VMware vSphere technology for their IT operation

    Advantages of Earning a VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage Certification

    • Gain competency in VMware vSphere and help businesses adopt virtualization for desktop and server applications across different geographies.
    • Earn certification in industry-accredited VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage domain and be relevant in the industry by embracing the new norms in the global virtualization adoption.
    • As the VMware platform is extensively used by businesses across different sectors to migrate the critical applications on the cloud by server virtualization and desktop application virtualization, it is more relevant.
    • Receive higher salary benefits USD 148,000 in the US and 10 Lakh to 14 Lakh on average for VMware vSphere Certified professionals.
    • Opportunity to demonstrate your VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage certification credentials and badge of honor on your professional networks like LinkedIn.
    • Build a stellar career path with VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage certification training as it acts as a starting point to pursue VMware technologies.

    vSphere VCP 8 Course Outline: Download Course Outline

    • Introduction and course objectives
    • Advantage CloudThat

    • The fundamental principles of virtualization
    • Discuss the role that vSphere plays in the software-defined data centre and cloud infrastructure
    • Identify the vSphere access user interfaces
    • Describe the relationships between vSphere and CPUs, memory, networks, storage, and GPUs

    • Set up an ESXi host
    • Be aware of recommended ESXi user account procedures
    • Use the VMware Host Client and DCUI to configure the ESXi host settings.

    • Recognize ESXi hosts that are communicating with vCenter
    • Establish the vCenter Server Appliance
    • Setup vCenter options
    • Manage licence keys by adding them using the vSphere Client
    • Make vCenter inventory objects and arrange them
    • Be aware of how vCenter permissions are applied
    • • Check out the vCenter logs and events

    • View and edit common switch setups
    • Create and view configurations for distributed switches
    • Identify the distinction between distributed switches and ordinary switches.
    • Describe how to configure networking settings on distributed and conventional switches.

    • Comprehend vSphere storage technologies
    • List different vSphere datastore types
    • Describe the addressing and components of the Fibre Channel
    • Describe the components and addressing of iSCSI
    • Set up ESXi with iSCSI storage
    • Establish and control VMFS datastores
    • Set up and maintain NFS datastores

    • Create and set up virtual machines Highlight the significance of VMware Tools
    • Recognize the files that comprise a VM.
    • Identify the components of a VM
    • Use the vSphere Client to navigate and look through VM settings and options
    • Adjust virtual machines by dynamically adding resources
    • Create VM templates, then use them to deploy VMs.
    • VM clones
    • Develop customising guidelines for visitor operating systems
    • Create libraries of local, published, and subscription content
    • Deploy VMs from content libraries
    • Control various VM template iterations in content libraries

    • Get familiarity with the various VM migrations you may use in both within and between vCenter instances
    • Use vSphere vMotion to move VMs.
    • What part does Enhanced vMotion Compatibility play in migrations?
    • Use vSphere Storage to migrate VMs vMotion
    • Taking snapshots of a virtual machine
    • Control snapshots, group them, and remove them
    • Explain how a virtualized environment relates to CPU and memory fundamentals
    • Describe the competition amongst VMs for resources
    • Establishing CPU and memory reserves and constraints

    • Develop a vSphere cluster enabled for vSphere DRS and vSphere HA
    • Get insights about vSphere cluster features


      • VMware vSphere 8.0 certification boosts your career prospects. By mastering VMware vSphere 8.0 features
      • You gain proficiency in Installing and Configuring ESXi hosts, Ability in deploying and configuring vCenter.
      • You build competency to create virtual networks with vSphere standard switches and distributed switches, creating and configuring datastores with vSphere supported storage technologies.
      • You gain expertise in creating and managing vSphere cluster that is enabled by vSphere High Availability and vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
      • Learn Life Cycle Mangement of vSphere to ensure up to date maintenance of vCenter, ESXi hosts, and Virtual Machines.
      • By successful completion of VMware vSphere 8.0 certification training and exams aspirants earn VMware certification.

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