Practice Question AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

PaaS cloud service type as being suitable as it provides minimal configuration for deploying and publishing code.
Should include a statement on scalability and how it can be achieved through the use of virtual machine scale sets.
A private cloud enables the owner to have full control over everything including hardware, while a public cloud is owned by the cloud vendor.
IaaS is the most suitable as it provides access to an underlying operating system to install custom software.
OpEx has no upfront costs and can scale to meet unpredictable demand. A simple OpEx example could be a web service running on PaaS instead of on-premises server hardware. Additionally, CapEx should be briefly defined as an upfront cost an organization may invoke to purchase physical assets such as on-premises server hardware. An example of which could be a large Storage Area Network (SAN).
Should include a statement that describes Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) and Zone Redundant Storage options and the pros/cons of each
A resource group as a container of related resources for an Azure solution. It is best practice to add resources to the group that share the same life cycle, such as a web application with data storage)
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