Integration of Power Platform Products with Microsoft Teams - Course Overview

This training will help you extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams by integrating it with the Power Platform products – Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents. 

After Completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Work with Dataverse and all Power platform products
  • Integrate Power Platform products with Microsoft Teams
  • Leverage the potential of Microsoft Teams by integrating with low code no code – Microsoft Power Platform.

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Key Features

  • Custom Apps within Teams: Discover how to create custom apps using Power Apps and embed them directly into Microsoft Teams. Empower your team to access essential tools and functionalities, tailored to your organization's unique needs, without leaving the Teams environment.
  • Automated Workflows with Power Automate: Learn how to automate repetitive tasks and processes using Power Automate within Microsoft Teams. Simplify approvals, notifications, and data updates, allowing your team to focus on more meaningful work.
  • Real-time Collaboration and Data Sharing: Leverage the integration of Power BI with Microsoft Teams to share real-time data insights and reports with your team members. Enhance decision-making and foster data-driven discussions directly within the Teams platform.
  • Centralized Team Management: Utilize the centralized management capabilities of Power Platform and Microsoft Teams to administer users, access permissions, and security settings. Ensure a smooth and secure collaboration environment for your team members.

Who can participate in this training?

  • Professionals who are willing to work with Microsoft Power Platform and integrate the same with Microsoft Teams for productive work at organization.
  • Students and learners who would like to experiment with Data modelling using Dataverse.

What are the prerequisites for this certiifcation?

  • It is recommended to have familiarity with Power platform fundamentals and usage of Microsoft Teams.
  • Candidates with any degree can take this course.

Modules Download Course Outline

  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform  
  • Data connectors 
  • Data Loss Prevention, compliance, privacy, and accessibility 
  • Configure Power Platform environments 

  • Data model overview 
  • Create tables in Dataverse  
  • Manage tables in Dataverse  
  • Create and manage columns within a table in Dataverse  
  • Rollup and Calculated columns 
  • Create a relationship between entities in Dataverse 
  • Security model building blocks  
  • Get started with security roles in Dataverse  
  • Use administration options for Dataverse  
  • Lab: Create tables, relationships in Dataverse 

  • Dataverse for teams environment 
  • Dataverse for teams vs Dataverse 
  • Add Power Apps application to Teams 
  • Create and connect Dataverse table to app 
  • Work with table relationships 
  • Work with table columns 
  • Different datatypes available while creating columns 
  • Edit table data in excel 
  • Move customizations between environments 
  • Management interface overview 
  • Publish the apps to teams' channel 
  • Lab: Upgrade database to Dataverse in admin center, Create Power apps using Dataverse table and publish to a teams channel. 

  • Integration of Power apps in teams 
  • Integration of Power automate flow 
  • Integration of Power BI report 
  • Integration of Power Virtual agents 


    • At the end of the course, participants will be provided with a certificate from CloudThat. The certificate enables the participants to showcase their skills in the integration of Power Platform products in Microsoft Teams.

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