Developing Data Models With LookML Course Overview:

In this course, you will be able to unleash the power of Looker and transform your data into actionable insights: 

  • Craft efficient, flexible data models that seamlessly integrate with your Looker environment. 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of LookML structure, dimensions, measures, and calculations. 
  • Create custom explorers and dashboards that empower your users to answer questions quickly. 
  • Build LookML models that handle massive datasets efficiently and deliver lightning-fast query responses. 
  • Implement data pipelines and maintain robust data quality controls within your Looker instance. 
  • Confidently build, manage, and evolve LookML models to support your organization’s data analytics needs. 

Developing Data Models With LookML- What You'll Learn:

  • Demystify LookML terminology, understanding key concepts like dimensions, measures, explores, and joins.
  • Master the Looker IDE, the platform where you'll craft your data models precisely and efficiently.
  • Implement version control best practices to manage your LookML projects efficiently and collaboratively.
  • Shape your data into meaningful dimensions, the building blocks of your LookML model.
  • Craft insightful measures that transform raw data into actionable metrics and KPIs.
  • Learn advanced dimension and measure techniques like filters, sets, and calculations to unleash the full potential of your data.
  • Design intuitive and user-friendly explorations, the gateways to your data for your business users.
  • Can leverage filters, drill-downs, and visualizations to create interactive data experiences that foster informed decision-making.
  • Understand how filters and joins work within explores to provide comprehensive data analysis capabilities.
  • Discover the magic of derived tables, allowing you to instantly create new "virtual" tables for faster calculations and insights.
  • Implement caching and data groups, powerful tools that optimize query performance and ensure your data models handle even the most massive datasets with lightning speed.
  • Dive deeper into advanced LookML features like filters, expressions, and calculations to tackle complex data challenges.
  • Explore scripting options for automation and data customization.
  • Learn real-world best practices for building secure, scalable, and maintainable LookML models.

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Key features of the course Developing Data Models With LookML:

  • Our Google Cloud Platform training modules have 50% - 60% hands-on lab sessions to encourage Thinking-Based Learning (TBL).
  • Interactive-rich virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching to inculcate Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  • GCP-certified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions to develop Competency-Based Learning (CBL).
  • Well-structured use cases to simulate challenges encountered in a Real-World environment during Google Cloud Platform training.
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through an experts-designed Learning Management System (LMS) and ExamReady platform.
  • Being an official Google Cloud Platform Training Partner, we offer authored curricula aligned with industry standards.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Data developers responsible for data curation and management within their organizations are the audience.
  • Data analysts interested in learning to use LookML to curate and manage data in their organization's Looker instance are a crucial audience.


    To get the most out of this course, participants should have:
  • A basic understanding of SQL, Git, and the Looker business user experience. For learners with no experience as data explorers in Looker, we recommend completing the "Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker course".
  • Learning objective of the course:

    • Demystify LookML and confidently navigate its terminology and structure.
    • Craft efficient and scalable data models that seamlessly integrate with your Looker environment.
    • Transform raw data into actionable insights using insightful dimensions and measures.
    • Empower your business users with intuitive and user-friendly data exploration experiences.
    • Optimize query performance and data scalability for lightning-fast response times.
    • Implement data pipelines and maintain robust data quality controls within your Looker instance.
    • Become a LookML pro by building, managing, and evolving models to support your organization's data needs.

    Why choose CloudThat as a training partner?

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    Developing Data Models With LookML Certification Course Outline: Download Course Outline


    • LookML basics, Looker development environment


    • Demo and Quiz


    • Dimensions, measures


    • Demos and Lab


    • Git within Looker, project version control


    • SQL within Looker, Explores, joins, symmetric aggregations, filters


    • Quiz


    • Derived tables, best practices


    • Labs and demos


    • Caching, datagroups


    • Demos

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is ideal for data developers, data analysts, and anyone interested in learning how to build and manage data models with LookML.

    Basic understanding of SQL, Git, and the Looker business user experience is recommended. For those unfamiliar with Looker, consider taking the "Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker" course beforehand.

    Specialized GCP Focus: Authorized Trainers with industry-recognized expertise deliver in-depth coverage and practical experience. Hands-On Learning: Labs, real-world projects, and case studies solidify your skills and build confidence. Customized Learning Paths: Catered to your level and objectives, ensuring focused learning. Interactive Learning Experience: Engaging sessions with diverse teaching methods keep you motivated. Placement Assistance: Build your resume, prep for interviews, and connect with career opportunities. Continuous Learning: Updated content guarantees you stay ahead with the latest trends and best practices.

    LookML Fundamentals: Master key concepts, the Looker IDE, and version control best practices. Data Sculpting: Shape dimensions, craft insightful measures, and utilize advanced techniques. Unlocking Data Exploration: Design user-friendly explores with filters, drill-downs, and visualizations. Performance and Efficiency: Discover derived tables, caching, and datagroups for lightning-fast queries. Beyond the Basics: Dive deeper into advanced features, scripting, and real-world best practices.

    Our course stands out through its: Emphasis on hands-on labs and real-world scenarios: You'll learn by doing, not just listening. Focus on scalability and performance: We equip you to build models that handle large datasets efficiently. Advanced topic coverage: We go beyond the basics, delving into advanced features and best practices. Industry-recognized trainers: Our instructors are certified experts with real-world experience. Comprehensive learning materials: Our resources include detailed guides, case studies, and code examples.

    LookML models power various data analytics applications within your organization: Business intelligence dashboards: Provide interactive visualizations and key performance indicators (KPIs) for informed decision-making. Data exploration and analysis: Empower users to answer their questions with self-service access to curated data. Reporting and storytelling: Generate custom reports and presentations to share insights with stakeholders. Data pipelines and automation: Create automated data pipelines for efficient data ingestion and transformation.

    LookML skills are highly sought-after in various industries. With this course, you can pursue careers as: Data Analyst/Business Intelligence Analyst: Analyze data and develop insights using LookML models. LookML Developer/Modeler: Build and maintain complex LookML models for large organizations. Data Architect/Solutions Architect: Designed and implemented data analytics solutions using Looker and LookML. Data Governance Specialist: Ensure data quality and compliance within Looker environments.

    We offer various resources for continued learning and support: Dedicated online community: Connect with fellow learners and instructors for assistance and knowledge sharing. Post-course workshops and webinars: Deepen your understanding with advanced topics and industry trends. Technical support: Access ongoing support from our team of LookML experts.

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