Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric Course Overview:

This course aims to develop your foundational skills in data engineering on Microsoft Fabric, with a focus on the Lakehouse concept. You will delve into Apache Spark’s capabilities for distributed data processing and learn essential techniques for efficient data management, versioning, and reliability through Delta Lake tables. Additionally, you will explore data ingestion and orchestration using Dataflows Gen2 and Data Factory pipelines. Through a blend of lectures and hands-on exercises, this course will equip you to effectively work with lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric.

After Completing the course DP 601, students will be able to:

  • Develop foundational skills in data engineering on Microsoft Fabric, focusing on the Lakehouse concept.
  • Explore Apache Spark's capabilities for distributed data processing.
  • Learn essential techniques for efficient data management, versioning, and reliability using Delta Lake tables.
  • Explore data ingestion and orchestration using Dataflows Gen2 and Data Factory pipelines.

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Key Features of DP601 Training:

  • Guidance by Certified Experts: Benefit from expert instructors who will lead engaging online training sessions, providing you with valuable insights into Implementing Lakehouse using Microsoft Fabric.
  • Interactive Hands-On Labs: Gain practical experience through a series of interactive labs and exercises, allowing you to apply your newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Personalized Learning Plans: Enjoy tailor-made training programs that cater to your unique learning requirements, ensuring you receive the most relevant knowledge and guidance.
  • Well-structured use-cases based on real world scenarios to help participants relate the scenarios where you can leverage Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric
  • Integrated teaching assistance and support through experts designed Learning Management System (LMS) and Exam Ready platform. 
  • Being a Microsoft Learning Partner, we offer authored curriculum that are at par with industry standards. 

Who should Attend Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric Training?

  • The primary audience for this course is data professionals who are familiar with data modeling, extraction, and analytics.
  • It is designed for professionals who are interested in gaining knowledge about Lakehouse architecture, the Microsoft Fabric platform, and how to enable end-to-end analytics using these technologies.

Pre-requisites of DP-601 course

    To enrol in this course, it is recommended to have:
  • Basic data concepts and terminology.
  • Fundamental data analytics concepts.
  • The Microsoft Fabric interface and core concepts.
  • Microsoft Fabric lakehouses and Apache Spark.
  • Microsoft Fabric and data orchestration.
  • Learning objective of the DP-601 Certification Training

    • Describe end-to-end analytics in Microsoft Fabric
    • Describe core features and capabilities of lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric
    • Configure Spark in a Microsoft Fabric workspace
    • Understand Delta Lake and delta tables in Microsoft Fabric
    • Describe Dataflow capabilities & Implement Dataflow in Microsoft Fabric
    • Describe pipeline capabilities & Create pipelines in Microsoft Fabric

    Why choose CloudThat as your training partner for DP-601?

    • CloudThat has successfully trained a vast number of professionals, approximately 6.5 lakh individuals, and provided training services to more than 100 corporate clients across the globe.
    • We have well-trained, experienced, and certified Subject matter experts and instructors to conduct these trainings.
    • The course guides students through specific tasks and real-world challenges to help them understand the relevance, power, and usefulness of Microsoft Word.

    DP-601 Course Modules: Download Course Outline

    • Explore end-to-end analytics with Microsoft Fabric
    • Data teams and Microsoft Fabric
    • Enable and use Microsoft Fabric

    • Explore the Microsoft Fabric lakehouse
    • Work with Microsoft Fabric lakehouses
    • Explore and transform data in a lakehouse
    • Lab - Create and ingest data with a Microsoft Fabric lakehouse

    • Prepare to use Apache Spark
    • Run Spark code
    • Work with data in a Spark dataframe
    • Work with data using Spark SQL
    • Visualize data in a Spark notebook
    • Lab - Analyze data with Apache Spark

    • Understand Delta Lake
    • Create delta tables
    • Work with delta tables in Spark
    • Use delta tables with streaming data
    • Lab - Use delta tables in Apache Spark

    • Understand Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
    • Explore Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
    • Integrate Dataflows Gen2 and Pipelines in Microsoft Fabric
    • Lab - Create and use a Dataflow Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric

    • Understand pipelines
    • Use the Copy Data activity
    • Use pipeline templates
    • Run and monitor pipelines
    • Lab - Ingest data with a pipeline

    Certification details:

    • Obtaining the Microsoft Azure DP-601 Applied Skill Credential certifies your familiarity with Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric.
    • DP-601 Applied skill course will teach you the way on how to Implement a Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric for various scenarios.
    • Applied skills can be utilized to be ready for more specialized or role-based Azure certifications. 
    • We award a certificate of course completion to candidates who pass the DP-601 Microsoft Azure Applied Skills Training. 
    • After completing the Microsoft Azure DP-601 assessment, candidates are awarded a Microsoft credential as well. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is based on one specific skill, Project based, Scenario-specific ability. 

    Yes, many Microsoft Learn courses, including this one, are often available for free.

    Participants will need a computer with internet access.

    Familiarity of basic data concepts, data analytics, spark, pipelines may be helpful.

    Use Microsoft's official documentation, practice labs, and exam-focused resources for comprehensive readiness. 

    No. Access Microsoft Learn and complete the assessment. 

    After completing the DP-601 exam, you will receive the Microsoft Credential: Implementing a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric

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