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DevOps for Automating Application Deployment

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The demand for modernizing their application environment by enterprises is increasing. Availing DevOps practice to release new features with zero downtime, high availability, and low latency is becoming popular to for business growth. In this eBook get to know how CloudThat helped three enterprises modernize their application environment

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Namya Naresh

Technical Content Writer

Namya is a passionate writer with a flare for all things technical. She holds the position of 'Lead Content and Communications - Marketing' at CloudThat. She believes in bringing together creative and strategic content in order to create a lasting effect on readers. She is also currently working on her first fictional novel.

AWS Partner- DevOps Services Competency

Pioneering DevOps and DevSecOps by being an AWS partner- DevOps Services Competency.

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An authorized partner for all major cloud provider

A cloud agnostic organization with the rare distinction of being an authorized partner of AWS, Microsoft, Google, and VMware.

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A house of strong pool of certified consulting experts

150+ cloud certified experts in AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware etc.; delivered 200+ projects for top 100 fortune 500 companies.

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