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Secure and Streamlined AWS-Powered Automated Backup Solution for 1.5 TB of Data for Pixel Softek Pvt. Ltd

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Geospatial Consulting and Services


Amazon S3, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Support, Amazon EC2


Efficient and secure daily incremental backups with compression, encryption, and transparent notifications, all stored in Amazon S3 for easy and quick data retrieval.

About the Client

PIXEL is an ISO 9001:2015, ISMS 27001-2013 certified geospatial consulting and services company based in Bengaluru, with a subsidiary in Atlanta, USA, serving the global market in land, water, infrastructure, and utilities. 


Daily Incremental Backups for Data Continuity

Minimize Data Loss During Unexpected Events

Efficient Compression and Encryption for Data Security

Data Security and Optimized Storage Utilization

Transparent Notification Service 

Informed and Maintaining Transparency in Data Management

The Challenge

The client needed a secure backup solution due to on-prem server vulnerabilities, with over 1.5 TB of data. Current issues included decentralized storage and cost concerns. They wanted an automated and cost-effective.


  • The client needed the CloudThat team to automate their backup and help in longer retention. Our team automated the process by combining various AWS Services, for example, Amazon S3, File Gateway, etc. The file gateway is for moving Backups to the S3 standard. 
  • After the custom complex backups into the client’s infrastructure, the File Gateway has been proposed on the client’s environment to move the current backups from Local to Amazon S3 
  • All Amazon S3 were to be made private, and various customized bucket policies were written as per necessity 
  • Amazon S3 managed encryption keys are used for encrypting the data 
  • Amazon EC2 to be used for Amazon Storage Gateway server.

The Results

Seamless data continuity through daily incremental backups with storage optimization, security, transparency, and easy retrieval. 

Download the Case Study

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