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Retail Financial Solutions provider leveraged Managed Services with 24×7 Support, Security, and Customized Reports

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Financial Service


Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, JIRA, Pennant, Slack, Postman, DBeaver


24x7 Managed Services for AWS hosting, featuring incident, problem, and change management, OS patching, support, and a Hybrid Flex Delivery model for seamless integration, security compliance, and customized reports.

About the Client

Credit Saison is a Japanese financial services company. They offer a platform connecting users with banks and financial institutions for multiple loan products with customized terms, amounts, and repayment options. They also provide lines of credit to consumers via the application. 


24 x 7 Support

Dedicated Team of Cloud Experts

Achieve SLA Resolutions

Resolve issues quickly

Ticket Management

Monitor the Cloud Resources

The Challenge

The customer encountered SLA compliance, ticket management, and resource monitoring difficulties. However, the Managed Services Team effectively overcomes these challenges by offering round-the-clock monitoring and support. They actively keep track of all resources, provide timely updates, and assist in closing tickets before they breach the SLA, ultimately resolving the customer’s issues. 

"I can't stop singing praises of CloudThat's managed services. It has been a fantastic experience so far. Our engagement gives us a lot of confidence to purchase software as we are able to run and support it just as well as any product developed in-house. In fact, I have been asked to setup a new team at KSF and I'm trying to find the equivalent of your managed services for other functions like quality assurance."

Vivek Padmanabhan, Credit Saison


  • CloudThat’s Cloud Command Centre (CCC) employs a flexible hybrid resource model for Credit Saison India, ensuring service assurance by managing availability, performance, service quality, and efficiency. 
  • Key activities under Service Assurance – Operations & Support: 
  • Minimizing downtime and productivity impact from incidents. 
  • Identifying and systematically resolving underlying issues. 
  • Monitoring AWS services like CPU utilization, Database, and Amazon EC2. 
  • Monitoring all IT Infrastructure events of significance. 
  • Defining agreed-upon service aspects between provider and user. 
  • Providing decision-makers with operational insights. 
  • Ensuring continuous application system availability as per SLA. 
  • Managing user access to applications and systems within the network. 

The Results

End-to-end managed services provided along with ticket creation, updates, and closures, helping Credit Saison stabilize production issues. Handled 2000+ tickets with 24/7 support, ensuring timely issue resolution within predefined SLA.  

Download the Case Study

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