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Introducing AWS IoT 1-Click: New AWS IoT Service To Enable Simple Devices

1. Prerequisites of IoT
2. AWS IoT 1-Click
3.Real-time Example of AWS IoT 1-Click
4. Single Click for reordering same medicine
5. Double Click for calling doctor/nurse
6. Long press for calling ambulance
7. Conclusion
8. About CloudThat


Internet of Things (IoT) is described as the collection of data from different sensors integrated with microcontrollers and delivering it to the cloud via Wi-Fi/GSM/LTE modules using the MQTT or HTTP protocol. After the data has been analyzed and stored in the cloud, it is sent to a web or mobile application for user viewing.

If you are a beginner in the field of IoT, here is a blog on Understanding Internet of Things: Security Concerns and Solutions to get you started.

The Internet of things (IoT) 1-Click is a new service introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is now employed in a wide range of applications, including vehicle monitoring, manufacturing, energy supply, urban issues, water distribution, food production, medical, agriculture, and so on.

Before jumping into the workings of AWS IoT 1-Click, let us understand the three stages of IoT in a conventional method.

Prerequisites for IoT are defined in three stages:

  1. The hardware side, which comprises different sensors implanted with the microcontroller and creating a link to the cloud
  2. The cloud for storing and analyzing data
  3. The usage of a mobile or online application for user viewing.
    AWS IoT 1-Click

Building these three stages of IoT as a startup or small enterprise is a time-consuming process. So, AWS provides a simple solution called AWS IoT 1-Click Service, which includes the three processes listed above. We will look at the AWS IoT 1-Click service and how it may be used.

AWS IoT 1-Click

AWS IoT 1-Click is a service that allows basic devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions, which may then perform an action or send an SMS or send an Email. Devices that support AWS IoT 1-Click make it simple to accomplish tasks like informing technical support, restocking products or services, tracking assets, customer reorders medicine and emergency alerts. In addition, AWS IoT 1-Click enabled devices are ready to use straight out of the box, eliminating the need to write your code or configure them for secure communication.

AWS IoT 1-Click devices are pre-configured devices that connect to the cloud securely. Seeed IoT button for AWS, Sercomm IoT Button, Soracom LTE-M button, AWS IoT Button, and AT&T IoT button are manufacturing partners. Devices are Internet-connected devices that connect via various means such as LTE-M, Wi-Fi, Sigfox, NB-IoT, etc.

AWS IoT 1-Click

Devices that AWS IoT 1-Click supports can be simply handled. For example, you may simply construct device groups and correlate them with a Lambda function that, when activated, performs your desired action. You may also use the pre-built reports to monitor device health and activity. AWS also provides the Mobile Application to monitor the 1-click devices.
AWS IoT 1-Click

By clicking the AWS IoT Button, we can send SMS, EMAIL, and trigger the Lambda to perform the other set of actions using the AWS IoT 1-Click service. There are three sorts of button states accessible in the AWS IoT Button: single click, double click, and long press. Next, we will examine how these various click states are used in real life.

Real-time Example of AWS IoT 1-Click:

Consider a patient who needs to order the same medications as before, contacts a nurse or doctor, or calls an ambulance in an emergency. We will look at how AWS IoT 1-Click can help with this.

Single Click for reordering same medicine:

AWS IoT 1-Click

When a patient clicks the AWS IoT Button only once, 1-click data is sent to the AWS Cloud, where Lambda recognizes the click type and recognizes it as a single click. SNS then triggers the “order same medicine” message, which is sent to the hospital, where the medications are delivered to the patient.

Double Click for calling doctor/nurse:

AWS IoT 1-Click

When a patient wants to call a doctor or nurse to their home for a medical examination, they must double-click an AWS IoT Button, which sends 1-click data to the AWS Cloud, where Lambda identifies the click type and interprets it as a double click. SNS then triggers the “Call Nurse” message, which is sent to the hospital, allowing them to send a nurse to the patient’s location.

Long press for calling Ambulance:

AWS IoT 1-Click

To call an ambulance to their house in an emergency, patients must press the AWS IoT Button for an extended period. This 1-click data is sent to the AWS Cloud, where Lambda identifies the click type and interprets it as a long press. SNS then triggers the “Call Ambulance” message, which is sent to the hospital, allowing them to send an ambulance to the patient’s location.


Thus, the AWS IoT 1-Click service offers a wide range of applications such as ordering food, booking a cab, reordering products and services, industrial manufacturing, customer assistance, hospitality & facilities management, and so on.

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