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Achieve Continuous Improvement of Multiple Accounts with AWS Control Tower


1. Overview
2. Introduction to AWS Control Tower
3. Benefits of having Multi-accounts
4. Role of AWS Control Tower
5. AWS Control Tower Case Studies
6. Conclusion
7. About CloudThat
8. FAQs



Businesses often hire cross-trained developers and deploy them on numerous project implementations working on several software applications at any given time. Developers often wonder how to orchestrate many applications and teams on a single Console without their accounts devolving into a tangle of unmanaged chaos. A multi-account structure can assist in satisfying the needs of each application team or business group.  Amazon introduced AWS Control Tower in 2019 to solve this problem.

It is a pre-configured multi-account architecture with pre-configured security and access settings and a dashboard to manage that multi-account architecture over time.

Let us dive deep into AWS Control Tower to understand the specifics.

Introduction to AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower is a tool that automates creating and configuring multiple accounts on Amazon Web Services. AWS Organizations, a tool that allows you to enroll any number of child accounts under a parent account and apply policies to all of them from a single location, is tightly integrated with Control Tower. You may have a single account with the majority of the responsibilities. Individual accounts for applications, environments, business groups, or corporate organizations can be launched from this foundation while remaining independent from the base infrastructure accounts.

CloudThat uses AWS Control Tower technologies to help customers deploy real-world apps as an implementation example.

A multi-account architecture is an excellent option if you migrate a large, sophisticated set of apps to AWS. AWS Control Tower is designed to make constructing and administering a multi-account structure easier in the long run.

Benefits of having Multi-accounts

Role of AWS Control Tower

Create an organization with the AWS Organizations dashboard, SDK, or AWS CLI, then add accounts, enable features, and provide access to other AWS services so they can work within your organization. AWS Organizations can be used for free. The cost of using other integrated services varies, but it is comparable to activating services in separate accounts. You can construct your environment and accept the services one at a time when you use AWS Organizations.

AWS Control Tower Case Studies

Here are a few case studies where AWS Control Tower is leveraged to solve specific problem statements.


To summarise, AWS Control Tower is the solution we require for centralized AWS governance administration in a situation including multiple Business Units with varying needs and infrastructures. While maintaining centralized policy administration, Control Tower supports the extension of interactions and control of business and development demands.

About CloudThat

CloudThat is the official AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and Training Partner helping people develop knowledge of the cloud and help their businesses aim for higher goals using best-in-industry cloud computing practices and expertise. We are on a mission to build a robust cloud computing ecosystem by disseminating knowledge on technological intricacies within the cloud space. Our blogs, webinars, case studies, and white papers enable all the stakeholders in the cloud computing sphere.

CloudThat is a house of All-Encompassing IT Services on the cloud offering Multi-cloud Security & Compliance, Cloud Enablement Services, Cloud-Native Application Development, and System Integration Services. Explore our consulting here.

If you have any queries about AWS Control Tower, its workflow, or any other AWS service, drop them in the below comment section and I will get back to you quickly. 


Q1. Who ought to utilize AWS Control Tower?

A. Use AWS Control Tower to set up or administer your multi-account AWS environment using best practices. It provides prescriptive advice on managing your AWS infrastructure on a large scale.

Q2. What is the price of AWS Control Tower?

A. The use of AWS Control Tower is free of charge. You only pay for AWS services that AWS Control Tower makes available.

Q3. Is AWS Control Tower available via an API?

A. No, you can carry out all essential tasks using the AWS Control Tower through AWS Management Console.




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