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The Infrastructure Transformation for Enhanced Performance and Security for a Compliance Firm

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Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Route53, Amazon VPC, AWS WAF


Secure and Efficient Infrastructure Transformation with Elastic Beanstalk, AWS IAM Controls, and High Availability Measures

About the Client

Complinity is India’s premier cloud-based GRC software company, which ensures regulatory compliance for listed firms, MNCs, startups, and organizations. Specializing in world-class GRC systems, Complinity aids businesses with real-time legal updates, comprehensive solutions for statutory compliance, and unified tools for Contracts, Litigation, Audit, ERM, and IFC. 


Strong and Reliable AWS infrastructure

Robust AWS Infrastructure in Mumbai

Secure Database Operations

AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon RDS

Enhanced Code Security

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

The Challenge

The client wanted a Well-Architected Infrastructure team for a critical AWS overhaul, addressing challenges like application restructuring, creating resilient Windows app servers, implementing downtime monitoring, and enhancing database infrastructure.  


  • Employed AWS Elastic Beanstalk for a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, simplifying application deployment and management. 
  • Implemented a Disaster Recovery (DR) setup to ensure business continuity and data resilience. 
  • Implemented changes in Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) for improved high availability and security, ensuring data integrity. 
  • Introduced Application Load Balancer and Auto-scaling to enhance production server availability and scalability, meeting dynamic workload demands. 
  • Utilized Windows servers distributed across different availability zones to ensure fault tolerance and high availability. 
  • Choose Microsoft IIS as the webserver to efficiently serve Java applications on Windows systems. 
  • Utilized MySQL Server on both Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS, including software licensing, to host the application’s database. 
  • Leveraged Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics for comprehensive monitoring and observability of the web application. 
  • Deleted underutilized servers and snapshots to optimize costs while maintaining performance. 
  • Built a highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure for hosting Java applications on Windows EC2 instances with IIS. 
  • Established Amazon S3 as a central repository to integrate data from multiple sources, facilitating efficient data management. 
  • Utilized Databricks for ETL and EDA jobs to process raw data, delivering refined data suitable for report generation. 
  • Generated real-time reports and stored them in Amazon S3, enabling quick access through Amazon QuickSight for data visualization. 
  • Integrated interactive Dashboards into client applications and provide secure access to multiple users using Amazon Cognito. 

The Results

A robust AWS infrastructure in Mumbai with Elastic Beanstalk, secure Amazon RDS configuration, AWS IAM fine-grained access control, high availability measures, and custom metrics for optimal performance. 

Download the Case Study

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