Case Study

A leading supply chain management specialist provider in Malaysia successfully achieved 15 minutes refresh with real- time data. 

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Supply chain


AWS DMS, Amazon S3, Amazon Quicksight, AWS VPC, AWS EC2


To import data from the production AWS account to the BI AWS account.

About the Client

Incorporated in 2015, Line Clear Express & Logistics is a fully integrated supply chain management specialist providing seamless, reliable, and efficient delivery services across Malaysia.


15 minutes refresh on QuickSight Dashboard

Reports are generated in Real-time

Interactive dashboards

The Challenge

The client required a centralized data repository (Data Lake) to hold data collected at various delivery phases and from multiple applications. 


  •  Setting up infrastructure in a different AWS account, and import data from the production AWS account to the BI AWS account. 
  •  Using Amazon QuickSight (Enterprise Edition) which is a cloud-scale fast business analytics service to build visualizations and quickly get business insights on the data. 
  •  Processing data in Databricks Workspace to create a separate VPC with private and public subnets for its cluster. 

The Results

Replication of Real-Time data changes on Aurora RDS cluster tables on Databricks Hive meta-store tables is set up. And successfully achieved 15 minutes refresh with Real-Time data on QuickSight Dashboard.

Download the Case Study

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