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Next-Gen EdTech Solution provider Overcomes Security Challenges by Embracing AWS Security Services

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Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS WAF, Amazon RDS, Amazon EBS Volumes, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Support, AWS GuardDuty


Enhancing AWS security with private subnets, termination protection, AWS Guard Duty, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, Amazon EBS encryption, MFA documentation, and port cleanup

About the Client

SMARTBRIDGE is building a Next Generation talent pool and aiming to connect academia with industry. Their focus is on offering outcome-based experiential learning programs in emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence etc. These programs are designed to develop entry-level engineers who are well-equipped for the corporate world.


Amazon Guard Duty and AWS WAF

Enhanced Security Measures

Amazon CloudWatch

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Amazon Guard Duty and AWS WAF

Threat Defence

The Challenge

The client had an existing AWS cloud infrastructure and faced security challenges. They wanted to enhance security measures for their running applications and protect their AWS account. CloudThat’s team of experts assessed the client’s IT environment to understand the requirements comprehensively. During risk analysis, we found issues in their security measures related to MFA, Database, Web Application Firewall (WAF), EBS volumes, Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, and security groups. 


  • Moved Amazon RDS DB Aurora Instances from public subnet to private subnet. 
  • Reconfigured server security groups to restrict SSH port access from the internet. 
  • Implement AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) for protection against malicious attacks. 
  • Enable Amazon GuardDuty to monitor and detect unauthorized activities in the AWS Account. 
  • Enabled encryption for EBS volumes attached to Amazon EC2 instances. 
  • Enabled encryption for Amazon S3 buckets used for data storage. 
  • Propose the use of Amazon RDS proxy for high availability of databases. 
  • Implemented Amazon GuardDuty and AWS WAF for security, threat detection, vulnerability management, and blocking unwanted traffic. 
  • Enabled termination protection for all running servers in the AWS account. 
  • Used Amazon CloudWatch logs and alarms for monitoring the web application. 

The Results

Strengthened AWS security through private database subnet, Amazon EC2 termination protection, AWS Guard Duty, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, encryption, MFA documentation, and port cleanup.

Download the Case Study

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