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FinTech Firm achieved Business Growth with Transformative Cloud Solutions and Error-Free Transactions with CloudThat

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Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, OpenSearch, Grafana, Logstash, ELK Stack


Orchestrating DevOps Practices, Enhancing Security, and Efficiency for Optimal Business Growth and Performance

About the Client

Winvesta is a financial services firm specializing in intelligent investment and wealth management solutions. They help individuals, families, and businesses build wealth through expert financial planning, portfolio management, and personalized asset allocation provided by their seasoned team of financial advisors. 


Adherence to Organizational SLAs

Successful Deployment and Business Growth

Zero downtime and rapid deployments

Efficient DevOps Practices

Handling High Traffic

Secure Application Architecture

The Challenge

Winvesta, a tech-enabled platform for cross-border investments, faced scalability challenges as its customer base grew. Seeking faster feature releases, they approached CloudThat to enhance their cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability and uptime. Additionally, the collaboration addressed application debugging issues and improved error visibility to mitigate business losses. 


  • Implement a CI/CD pipeline for application deployment, incorporating a rollback strategy. 
  • Set up the ELK stack on Amazon EC2 for non-prod and prod environments, enabling centralized log monitoring across all applications. 
  • Establish autoscaling and a target group for Amazon EC2 to horizontally scale up instances based on server thresholds, ensuring high availability. 
  • Set up Prometheus and Grafana for infrastructure monitoring. 
  • Implement alerts via Alert Manager for CPU and memory utilization of nodes. 

The Results

Successfully deployed and optimized a highly available, secure application with efficient DevOps practices, reduced time-to-deployment, improved visibility, and enhanced monitoring and alert systems for proactive issue resolution. 

Download the Case Study

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