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FinTech Company Achieves Cost-Effective AWS Infrastructure Redesign

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Streamlined data retrieval, reduced costs, and enhanced security through customized Amazon VPC deployment, resulting in faster performance, lower expenses, and secure access control

About the Client

Reluminos Tech is a FinTech company that was established in 2008, offering an algorithmic trading platform for users to develop, test, and execute trading strategies with proven algorithms for profitable live trading.


5 seconds

Improved Data Retrieval Speed

$1000 to $600

Cost-Efficient Deployment

Enhanced Security

Implementation of AWS IAM

The Challenge

ReLuminos faced cost challenges with their existing non-AWS cloud infrastructure. They chose to redesign their AWS environment on a new account to address this. Their goals included reducing data transfer costs, improving security, optimizing network setup, and following AWS best practices. 


  • Created a PostgreSQL infrastructure to replace the Amazon EC2 instance-hosted database, making it accessible through Amazon RDS proxy for separate data endpoints. 
  • Managed serverless applications using Lambda functions controlled via Amazon API Gateway’s HTTP API. 
  • Implemented a task execution time threshold of 15 minutes, moving tasks exceeding this threshold to Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate for cost-efficiency and scalability. 
  • Set up an Amazon ECR private repository to store and execute old images in the new account on Fargate. 
  • Utilized AWS SNS for sending customer emails via SMTP. 
  • Enabled flexibility with an AWS CloudFormation Template for production server creation, allowing adjustments to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instance types, AMIs, and production setup key parameters. 

The Results

Server performance has been improved through Amazon VPC optimization, Graviton Processor-based Amazon EC2 instances, and RDS Database migration. Deployed 26 AWS Lambda functions for data sharing and utilized Amazon ECS for complex tasks. Managed images in Amazon ECR, facilitated SMTP via Amazon SES and ensured flexible AWS deployment with AWS CloudFormation templates. 

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