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An Educational Technology Enabler for Schools Automates 1000+ User Creation with CloudThat’s AWS DevOps Solution

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An Educational Technology Enabler


AWS Partnered DevOps services, AI and ML DevOps


Infrastructure monitoring and observability, security, networking, and CI/CD Pipeline.

About the Client

Cortevo works closely with educational institutions of different shapes and sizes to help them with the technology tools required the educational space for accomplishing their goals. They make it possible with a formidable team of seasoned experts addressing the technology needs of educational organization.



Downtime lowered post implementation


Increased availability achieved


Users transferred to automated

The Challenge

Cortevo required an automated, dynamic secure, and robust cloud infrastructure solution for hassle-free creation and management of necessary identifies in Active Directory. Further, they needed to deploy massive user creation requests on services, secure, and fault. Tolerant AWS infrastructure and increase the uptime to 99.9%. Moreover, a continuous monitoring process with CI/CD pipeline implementation to achieve the desired results. They intended to have DevOps practices to increase team flexibility, cross skilling self-improvement of the team members and improved operational support  

CloudThat consistently provides expert guidance when it comes to leveraging AWS technologies to provide novel solutions to challenging problems. Our solution architecture is much more robust and secure given their input and creative utilization of AWS technologies. Highly recommended.

Casey, CEO, Cortevo


Our dedicated team of Cloud and DevOps practitioners proposed a wide array of solutions to accomplish the desired results by reducing downtime, efficient cost optimization, deployment of highly secure and scalable serverless solutions through automation.  

  • Establishing secured connectivity between AWS and on premises Active Directories. 
  • We designed a highly scalable serverless solution for several types of customer traffic. 
  • Implemented on premises active Directory users from AWS Lambda a serverless solution. 
  • Customer friendly multiple approaches for creating the Active Directory users and one login user. 
  • Dynamic rules engine development for different customer configuration. 
  • Storing and retrieving the user details in the NoSQL DB solution with autoscaling.

The Results

The restructured DevOps team was employed by assigning, Architects, Developers and Cloud Engineers roles. Each role was assigned specific tasks to manage infrastructure with sprint planning, source code check in and for deploying through CodePipeline.

Download the Case Study

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