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A Nagaland-based English newspaper has elevated brand awareness, increased website traffic, and enhanced customer engagement.

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AWS Lambda, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, AWS CloudWatch Logs


Achieves efficient data analysis with AWS Lambda, Rekognition, and Comprehend, implementing a data pipeline and optimizing accessibility and processing

About the Client

The Morung Express is an independent English-language newspaper published from Dimapur in Nagaland, India. It was the first print newspaper in Nagaland with an online edition. It provides an alternative voice to the dominant status quo and is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of Nagaland and Northeast India. 


80% productivity increased.

50% cost effectivity achieved.

Eliminated manual labor, and enhanced efficiency.

The Challenge

The client wants to overcome challenges with scattered data, reduced accessibility, and high storage costs. They want to leverage cloud-based solutions and AI technology to improve data analysis, enhance decision-making, and optimize costs, ultimately increasing productivity and accessibility while reducing manual efforts and storage expenses. 


  • Implemented AWS Lambda to leverage Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Comprehend for comprehensive data analysis. 
  • Provisioned a data pipeline to fetch metadata from Amazon S3 and upload it to Amazon DynamoDB.  
  • Implemented proper prefixes in Amazon S3 to enhance data accessibility in the front-end application. 
  • Provisioned Amazon API Gateway as the entry point, directing requests to the front-end Lambda function. 
  • Enabled and provisioned Amazon DynamoDB streams, filtered by supported file types using AWS Lambda.  
  • Implemented event-triggered AI/ML processing in Lambda for supported file types. 
  • Implemented entity detection using Amazon Comprehend and celebrity/object detection using Amazon Rekognition in AWS Lambda. 
  • Reduced costs through AWS Lambda filter implementation, optimizing invocations and resource utilization. 

The Results

CloudThat successfully boosts Morung Express’s data productivity by 80% with centralized orchestration and achieves 50% cost savings.

Download the Case Study

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